New Vanilla, New Themes

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May 11, 2010

New Vanilla, New Themes

I was browsing through the community forum looking for discussions on themes and came across quite a few interesting topics. A lot of members are looking for more.

I really love how most community-supported projects like WordPress have an active community of CSS wizards making up styles for personal and community use.

We had a ton of community-made styles for Vanilla 9.x, but very few for 1.x. What’s up with that? What happened with the Clockworks? (just like Default but in different cool “iMac” colors?) The Roots? (dark background, new format for determining old/new threads, sidebars on the other side, etc) Others?

Are there any themes out there with a stronger contrast, especially for words to background? I like the themes on offer, but not much good if some people aren’t able to read. I’m asking from an accessibility viewpoint, as all the themes I’ve seen so far aren’t accessible to everyone

I’d like to see some Vanilla2 “live” sites, better if modded or with alternative themes/styles.
I mean forums not hosted on

hopefully as v2 grows more an more developers will start to create themes and post them on the addon page.

I have started work on a few different theme categories that I hope make it in V2, and that I hope the community finds useful. I know Mark has been working on some themes that target areas like Bug Tracking and Feedback. I’m looking to design a few themes that target Social, Media, Corporate,  and Advertising.

Recently I have been really thinking about where forums are going?  can I make a forum not look like a forum, but still be as functional and powerful? and can a forum be used for more than just a forum?

This is where I hope to start taking Vanilla 2 in terms of design with help from the community. I’d like to know what kind of themes you guys think are missing? Education, Government, Marketing, Technology, Retail, etc…

What kind of plugins and features should be developed to compliment these themes? Galleries, Podcasting, Social, jQuery features, Pages, Banners, Simple image uploads, etc…

It’s going to be a whole new Vanilla…at least under theme options 🙂


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