Show your Customers Some Love with an Online Community ❤️

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February 14, 2022

Show your Customers Some Love with an Online Community ❤️

One of the best ways to show your customers love is with an online community. Yeah, we might be biased here at Vanilla, but we’re not the only ones who think so – our customers agree! 

How does an online community help build a loving relationship with customers? A multitude of ways! Let’s break it down.  

Community Acts as a Self-Support Solution 

Customers want fast, efficient support solutions. In a survey conducted in 2021, Vanilla found that 49% of customers expect a self-service option from a brand. 

No one wants to spend hours on the phone. Nor does anyone want to spend days waiting for an email response to a question that could be easily answered.  

Creating a centralized space or an online community for knowledge base articles and common support Q&As is a key way to support your customers, that simultaneously improves their experience. 

79% of customers in the same survey agreed that Community offers a fast solution to their support needs. 

Show your customers love with a fast, efficient self-support option through an online community.  

At TeamViewer, Esther Heide said that their community has both decreased time-to-answer for customers and improved the workload of their support agents. 

“Our Vanilla community has become the backbone of our customer support. There’s been a 75% decrease in time to answer – we literally couldn’t provide support anymore without the community.” 

Program Manager Community and Social Media Support at TeamViewer, Esther Heide

Community Improves Customer Experience 

The customer experience is paramount to the success of a company so ensuring your customers enjoy their experiences with your brand should be one of your top priorities. 

An online community can improve the customer experience massively.  

Ensuring that your customers’ experience is top tier can lead to more loyal, happier customers. Happy customers bring more lifetime value to your business. 

At Foursquare, it was important that customers felt like their contributions were valuable. Their Vanilla-powered community delivered this, and then some.  

The community had an impact on the entire customer experience. “We have much better visibility into the community’s most pressing issues and can communicate with more transparency and frequency, improving the way we handle concerns and communicate changes.” 

Community and Support Coordinator at Foursquare, Lizzy Kim 

Community Enables Customers to be a Part of your Brand 

Customers who are long-time members or super contributors to an online community can be rewarded by being asked to be a part of a brand.  

No, you don’t have to hire anyone (though sometimes the best hires come from online communities), but you can ask your members to partake in beta testing, prerelease product reviews, or even offer them early access to features and products.  

You can foster a true connection with customers when you take them into the fold of a community. It can lead to really trusting, long-term relationships.  

At Quicken, Kathryn Bergeron noted how influential the community has been in filtering through and utilizing customer recommendations.  

“We can easily capture and filter user suggestions and pass these to our product team. We can then close the loop and let users know that their contribution helped us to improve the product.” 

Group Manager of Digital Care at Quicken, Kathryn Begeron 

Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone – but it’s a great reminder to do something nice for someone. Show your customers you care with an online community, and you won’t regret it!

Online community can improve so much more than your relationships with your customers, but for the day that’s in it, let’s focus on showing our customers some love ❤️.

Thinking of launching an online community? Don’t hesitate to reach our to our experts to find out more, or request a demo! 


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Nuala Cronin

Written by Nuala Cronin

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