How Your Post-Sales Service Impacts Sales

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January 15, 2015

How Your Post-Sales Service Impacts Sales

The sad fact is that happy customers are much less likely to mention how much they enjoyed your product than the annoyed ones are to post venomous screeds. Unfortunately, many companies shroud their support in secrecy. In attempting to hide potential problems with their product, they leave themselves vulnerable to the random slander of the internet. The only way to maintain a healthy public profile for your business is to ensure that customers with problems are able to resolve them quickly, effectively and in a medium that you’re able to control.

If you have great customer support, show it to the world

The games industry is easily the fastest growing sector in entertainment, and it’s a sector in which forum communities are ubiquitous. Games companies have learned that they can keep their customers coming back by giving them a place to communicate with each other after their purchases. I’d advise anyone outside of the games industry to go and check out how much effort the most successful companies are putting into their communities. They know that giving their customers a place to discuss their purchase helps to reinforce brand loyalty in those customers. Typical discussions in games communities might include:

  • Company and community sourced technical support
  • Player-to-player best practices
  • Product feedback
  • Community run events and meetups

Everything is out in the open in games communities, prospective customers can easily see what other users are talking about, what bugs are an issue and how well the company is dealing with them. It’s 100% transparent yet still under the control of the game publisher.

Companies in other industries can gain a lot from observing how strong the relationships gaming leaders have with their customers. No matter how fast the industry has grown, forum communities have always been the backbone of post-sales service. They give happy customers a place to evangelise, unhappy customers a place to seek redress and lets prospective customers know that they’ll be in good hands after their purchase.

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Patrick Groome

Written by Patrick Groome

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