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Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day!

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January 27, 2020

It’s the time of year where we give a shout out to those selfless individuals who spend their time tending to others. Who spend countless hours generating new discussions and encouraging others to participate. Who keep a watchful and tender eye out for those looking for support, connections or even a friendly discussion, and gently push them in the right direction. Who always, without fail, collect their community analytics and make informed, data driven decisions (of course you do….right?).

That’s right, I’m talking about you, Community Managers! 

Every year on the fourth Monday of January, we celebrate Community Manager Appreciation Day. This day is fully dedicated to you—the people who are responsible for building, developing, and managing online communities. No matter the brand, the cause, or the size of your community, we know that your work never ends. The truth is, your organization needs you and the work you do is invaluable. 

So here’s to you, Community Manager! 

To celebrate your special day, we thought we'd share 10 gifs that capture your wins and successes.

1. When your support team actually recognizes your ticket deflection efforts.


2. When your community can actually run itself without you being there 24/7.

3.When your members are obsessed with your community gamification.


4. When you’ve survived your first year as a Community Manager.

5. When you've got a loyal band of Super Fans helping you out.


6. When your community content appears on the first page of Google.

7. When your members help you to identify and ban trolls.

8. When your community traffic is increasing month after month.

9. When your KPIs are so impressive that even your boss notices.


10. When you finally have time to take a vacation.

Hope these gifs brightened your day! Enjoy it! :)



Sarah Robinson-Yu

Written by Sarah Robinson-Yu

Sarah is the Content Marketing Specialist at Vanilla Forums. Prior to Vanilla, Sarah worked in the public sector where she led and coordinated the strategic framework and operational policy development of business processes.


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