[Gaming] Tips for Mobile Video-based User Acquisition Campaigns

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November 2, 2017

[Gaming] Tips for Mobile Video-based User Acquisition Campaigns

Choosing the Networks that Deliver

The top 10 ad networks which may have worked best for iOS games  don’t work as well for Android. So look to your network for data like retention and CPI in your game genre.

All user acquisition campaigns involve the selection of ad networks. And most successful indie games have 4 to 5 (or more) ad networks which produce excellent results. But to select the right network for your video ad campaigns, the things which  matter the most are:

  • transparency of data,
  • past performance,
  • and direct collaboration.

These platforms must have suitable technologies to achieve the necessary KPIs, like analyzing the CPIs and retention rates delivered. Some ad platforms also provide an auto-optimizing feature based on the performance of the campaign which can be a big plus for your campaign.

Check for ad network ratings based on retention, scale and overall performance across platforms before you plan your mobile video UA campaign. You can refer to this AppFlyer’s Performance Index released last year which was a one of-a-kind effort to evaluate the performance of various ad networks.



Never Ignore the Social!

No matter how rapidly dedicated game-only ad networks like Unity Ads and Playhaven are growing, social networks like Twitter and Facebook still dominate the Top 10 ad network charts across multiple platforms.

With their experience in advertising and optimizing performance across diversified industry segments, these social platforms have the right tools to perform miracles on your user acquisition campaigns.

As popular social networks are designed for sharing content or virality (unlike traditional ad networks), you also end up with an organic boost to your video ads on the respective platform.

So you need to make sure that these are part of your paid user acquisition strategy along with the top gaming ad networks.


Soft Launch Before the UA Campaign

Most beginners make the mistake of starting with generalized KPI values like retention, cost-per-install (CPI) or lifetime value (LTV) and then launch a massive mobile video ad campaign directly. Such assumptions can hurt your budget as well as your acquisition goals.

Planning a soft launch gives you clarity with KPIs and allocates your marketing budget accordingly.

This critical premarketing activity offers you a chance to test out creatives, split test landing pages and measure CPI across different geographical regions.


Kick-ass Creatives are a Must

Don’t forget to develop and test kick-ass creatives for your UA campaigns. As the attention span of mobile users is short, video ads must be rigorously tested to maximize click-throughs.



Having an in-house artist or hiring a capable media agency is always a good idea for mobile video ads. This is because you may have to split multiple test creatives over short periods of time in order to maximise results.

Creatively use different video ads for rewarded ads, than for the non-rewarded ads. This will keep the native ad experience player-friendly.

So there you have it! My list  of most important tips to follow when doing a mobile video ad campaign for successful user acquisition. Please share with us your experiences with video ad campaigns in the comments section below.


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