[Gaming] Power User’s Way of Distributing Game Press Releases Right!

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April 6, 2017

[Gaming] Power User’s Way of Distributing Game Press Releases Right!

Following are some tips on how you can do the press release distribution like power users!

1. PressKit()

Before you start submitting press releases, pitches, or any other game promotional content, make sure you have a press section on your website to increase the accessibility to your content. No journalist has the time to ask every indie developer about more details of their games, such as featured images or trailers. Instead, simply send a quick link to your online Press Kit.

To do this, you must use the free but incredibly excellent tool called PressKit(), often pronounced as Do PressKit. Rami Ismail , a successful game developer from Vlambeer, has created this tool which helps you setup everything the press needs from you in just a matter of minutes.

Interestingly enough, you can use this to create a complete portfolio of your entire game studio.

2. DoDistribute

Another great tool from Rami which can be used to track the distribution of press materials, especially the exclusive content you offer. By making use of the link created with Distribute(), you can track which journalists intend to write about or review your game. You can accept the request and forward them instant access to such exclusive keys or beta builds.

The system is currently going through some final changes. So, if you don’t already have a developer account here, make sure you subscribe to get notified as soon as the system re-opens.

3. Clearbit – Find those emails!

Sometimes, finding emails of those journalists you just met on Twitter could prove tougher than expected. You did the hard work of identifying the right person to talk to, and building an ongoing conversation with them. But not every journalist will share their email on Twitter messaging.

What you can do in this case is use a simple Google Chrome extension called Clearbit. It supercharges your Gmail, and offers a simple blue button at the top with which you can find the most likely emails of any person from any company.

These emails are of course guessing with the use of previous information and technologies like machine learning, and sometimes verified by the users as well. So you can not totally depend on it, but then, I have recorded over 70% of success with this free extension. By the way, let’s try finding my favourite IGN host Naomi Kyle!

This is not the only tool in the market and you can get more utility from the same tool by opting for pro plans.

3. Are Journalists Interested in Your Game? Track with this tool.

To introduce yourself or your indie game for the very first time, you might send an introductory email to relevant journalists, bloggers or YouTubers. But how then do you know who is interested in your game or who’s not? The answer is MixMax. To track who opens the emails you sent, or if they are interested in your game, use the chrome extension for Gmail called MixMax.

It lets you track email opens, and you can literally see which emails are being opened at what time. The power user tip here is simple: send one introduction email and if you don’t receive any response in 48 hours send two follow-ups at the interval of another 48 hours each.

If a recipient opens your email but does not respond to it, clearly, they are not interested in your content. And you should stop the follow-up and focus on other people who might be interested. This shouldn’t be discouraging since other recipients will make your efforts worthwhile.

MixMax provides a bunch of other features like automated follow-ups in its pro plans, but this free plan is more than enough for you to track emails.

With these tools, you can greatly speed up your content distribution activities to the right people at the right time just like the power users. But before even thinking of using these awesome tools, make sure you have a compelling story angle for the media, impressive graphics they can use on their blogs or publications, and an outreach plan that rocks!



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