[Gaming] How Artella Empowers Communities through Creative Collaborations

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July 13, 2017

[Gaming] How Artella Empowers Communities through Creative Collaborations

What Exactly is Artella?

Artella is a platform where individual artists, developers or small teams can search for the talent they need, and bridge the gap to produce a world-class animation, game or even a short film.

While still in it’s BETA stage, this collaboration platform has already enabled thousands of talented artists, developers, and creative industry professionals to connect and work on fascinating projects that they may not have been able to realize without it.

Why Collaborate Online?

We all know that the main key to making a great production is having an extraordinarily talented team. This couldn’t be more true when it comes to creative content. But real creative talent can be something of a rarity. Right now in my small city, I know of 15 indie studios who have great programmers, but only one animator and one storyboarding artist.

Finding a team of creative people willing to work on an indie project is tough. But you can find hundreds of these artists online, and they’re ready to collaborate. While my city has an abundance of developers, there might be just one individual artist, with concept and artwork ready, who is looking for a single developer. The need is real.

It’s just a fact of life. Creative projects always feel the scarcity of talent, but if you have a centralized platform like Artella, things just got a heck of alot easier.

How Does Online Collaboration Work?

Since the platform is still in the BETA stage, Artella is offering free collaboration projects for now. But all good things must come to an end. Bobby Beck, founder and CEO of Artella (who is also CEO and cofounder of the first online animation school, Animation Mentor) has confirmed that they will introduce a monthly subscription model in the near future for project posting, based on the number of crew members.

For now, though, anyone can post a project by giving details about the current team, required talents and their expected profiles, and how they might be compensated (either as employees or volunteers).

In addition, talented professionals from a variety of fields (including animation, gaming, music, and production, etc.) can create their own Artella portfolio with detailed work experience and apply for relevant projects.

This platform offers a unique opportunity for professionals to publicly work on projects. It’s also a great way for students to volunteer on interesting production projects that will help them build a great portfolio. Not too bad for a currently free collaboration platform (notice that we again stress ‘currently’).

That’s not all. Artella is also offering a ‘Preferred Studio Model‘ for talented creatives to grab bigger money making opportunities. Once you’ve completed one or more projects, you can jump in the trusted Artella talent pool that studios can hire for big production projects.

The Future of Community Empowered Collaborations

To demonstrate the true capability of Artella and other such communities, Bobby Beck and Director Tim Rudder created the short animated film ‘Duel’ with 46 artists around the world in 2016 using the power of online creative collaboration. Since then hundreds of the projects have been posted, and many high-quality productions have been completed using this platform.

As the platform continues to evolve and be led by the amazing Bobby Beck, who truly understands the depths of how the complex animation industry works, this community has unlimited potential – not only for the animation industry but for the gaming, movie, music and virtual reality industries as well.


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