Fall 2012 Release: Vanilla Gets More Social and More Visually Appealing

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October 25, 2012

Fall 2012 Release: Vanilla Gets More Social and More Visually Appealing

New Best Of Page
Vanilla’s Best Of page is meant to make it easy for your community members to see the most popular content based on the reactions it receives. The new Best of Gallery shows this content in a pin board format which makes it more visually appealing and easier to browse. The Best Of page can be set as your forum homepage, a great way to increase your visitor to registered member conversion rate.

Deeper Social Integration
Our new social integration makes it easier for people to share content on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. The easier it is to share, the more your community’s content will viralize.

This release adds new sharing Reactions that can replace the FB Like and ShareThis plugins. These Reactions will work for both registered members and visitors.

New social Reactions encourage sharing

When creating a comment, members can also choose to share the comment to their social accounts, if they have connected those accounts by either doing so in their profile or if they used a social login to create their account in the first place.

Share a comment to social account

Members can connect to social account in Edit Profile

These new social sharing features are enabled and configured by turning on the Facebook, Twitter and Google plugins, which can now be found in the Dashboard under Forum > Social.

Permission for pre-moderation Vanilla now supports pre-moderation. A new permission setting will put all comments from members in a Role with pre-moderation turned on into the moderation queue before being published to the forum. Pre-moderation can be disabled for each individual member by ‘verifying a user’ or by changing the user’s role.

/Me Action
Adding ‘/me’ before a comment will display the comment in bold next to the username instead of below it.



  • The Vanilla API now allows you to lookup and award user badges, set a member’s Role and Rank.
  • The voting reactions can be set to move comments up and down the discussion thread. This can be set in the Dashboard under Reactions > Advanced Settings.
  • If you are using Vanilla as your blog commenting system, blog comments can be set to no longer appear on the recent discussions page. This is done by checking the ‘Hide from the recent discussions page’ setting in the category where your blog comments appear.
  • New Bootsrap theme. We’ve introduced a new theme inspired by Twitter bootstap.

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