Learn how TeamViewer achieved a 75% Decrease in Time to Answer

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October 21, 2021

Learn how TeamViewer achieved a 75% Decrease in Time to Answer

TeamViewer is a suite of remote connectivity, augmented reality, IT management, and customer-first engagement solutions that allows you to connect everything with everyone, everywhere.

The Challenges:

The support team at TeamViewer were fielding a heavy ticket load from freemium users that was impacting their capacity. In 2016 they implemented a community but found over time that their provider simply wasn’t a great match.

The Search:

Vanilla quickly stood out to TeamViewer; the scalability and focus on constant improvement and growth of the platform aligned so well with what the TeamViewer community was missing.

The Launch:

Migrating an existing community over to a new platform was nerve-wracking but it went off seamlessly. In just a day, TeamViewer was up and running. Transitioning 400k users, tones of content, images and more was totally smooth.


TeamViewer were delighted by the results they saw with Vanilla. The new Community has enabled a dramatic increase in engagement and helpfulness, and has led to a 75% decrease in time to answer support tickets!

“Our Vanilla community has become the backbone of our customer support – we literally couldn’t provide support anymore without the community.”

Program Manager Community and Social Media Support, Esther Heide


The Challenges: Learning when to Move On

In 2016, TeamViewer’s support team was under enormous stress. The number of calls and tickets they were taking was not only huge, but largely made up of repeat questions. They found they were fielding a lot of support tickets from freemium users and offering excellent customer support to their paying customers was becoming more and more difficult.

One of the agents at TeamViewer suggested a community as an option to help reduce the stress on the in-house team. The TeamViewer community was born and no one has looked back since!

For 5 years, TeamViewer used a provider that was no longer a great fit. They learned the hard (and expensive) way that community software isn’t one-size-fits-all, and your first choice isn’t always the best one. The community that had started so vibrant and energetic, had quickly lost its youthful vitality.

The team realized that their requirements and successes were outgrowing the provider they were using, and it was time to move onwards and upwards. They needed to find a provider that could not only help them to modernize, but one who could help them scale their solution. Their community was growing exponentially and it was time to nurture that growth.



High Costs with Few Features

Limited Flexibility or Updates

TeamViewer’s members have grown month-on-month since the implementation of their community but, the team found that their previous provider wasn’t equipped to help them grow to accommodate this expansion.

The costs associated with their previous vendor were high, most especially considering that many features that were out-of-the-box offerings with Vanilla were not included in their plan.

As the pandemic pushed more people online, TeamViewer wanted the option for flexibility – they found their theme quickly went out of date and they wanted to offer their members a better looking, more up-to-date community.


The Search: Finding a Better Fit

TeamViewer was considering three different providers to replace the solution they were using. Vanilla was a top contender and stood out based on several different factors.

As a self-assessed “non-techy” person, Esther found the Vanilla platform was easy to use, she found the Vanilla software “so intuitive and comfortable”, and really appreciated the constant focus on improving the platform.

“We wanted a scalable solution – when corona hit we needed a flexible product. We needed a partner that was up-to-date and willing to join us on our adventure. We wanted to work with an up-to-date, good looking, and modern solution, something that could change as rapidly as we were.”




“We wanted to update our look to mirror the growth of our community. The customizable themes that Vanilla offered gave us the opportunity to show off our personality.” 


“Until we found Vanilla, an ideation feature was outside of our budget. Having this offering out-of-the-box was the cherry on top of an already better solution – it’s fantastic!” 

Spam Filter

“We had a lot of trolling in our community previous to Vanilla. Being able to manage spam content and trolls is such a smooth feature.” 


“As a long-term solution Vanilla made so much more sense to us, we want a solution that can grow with us and that offers the capability to fine tune as we see fit.”


The Launch: When it Just Clicks

The TeamViewer Team was nervous about migrating the community over to Vanilla, as they knew there was so much that could go wrong. But, the Vanilla team handled the migration with ease and despite having to move 400,000 users, tones of content, images, links, their SSO approach and authentication process, it went totally smoothly.

“We were down for less than a day. With other providers we would have expected to go dark for anywhere from 3 to 5 days but with Vanilla they migrated us so quickly. We had nothing to worry about”.

Once the migration was completed, the TeamViewer community was up and running with better results than they could have even imagined!


The Outcomes: Expectations Exceeded

The move to Vanilla was not only better on the operations side, but as a support community, TeamViewer were seeing better numbers and results than they had imagined!

The support solution the community has created is unparalleled and the support agents at TeamViewer could actually no longer do their jobs without the help of the community. The knowledge base is especially helpful to the support team and is available in multiple languages.

The Support Forum is also an immense help and since the move to Vanilla, time to answer has dropped by 75%, and the time for an answer to be accepted? It’s an astonishing 96% faster.

TeamViewer has expanded their Community to include a Japanese, Chinese, German, Spanish and French option and is now eager to go live with a Portugese version soon with Vanilla. Vanilla has worked on one of its newest features (Machine Translation) to ensure that we can facilitate these kinds of expansions for our customers more swiftly.

Something they hadn’t expected? The Community has mainly been designed to be a Support and Communication Tool. However, the community impacted revenue by increasing purchasing power. A large number of people came to the Vanilla powered community for a resolution but evolved into paying customers.



Reduction in Time to Answer

Faster Answer Acceptance


Overall, Esther and the TeamViewer team are delighted by Vanilla.

“I honestly love the lightweight Vanilla feeling – it’s such a happy brand. It creates this fluffy feeling where everything is possible. We have gotten fantastic support from support agents. I can really customize and fine-tune the community as I want it – there are no borders. I’ve launched events, groups, we’re growing exponentially and yet it feels so easy.”

Reflecting on the TeamViewer Journey

TeamViewer found that moving to Vanilla, though a scary prospect, was so smooth and easy. The solution they now have has helped their community to not only grow, but it has resolutely improved the support team’s capabilities and helped to encourage prospects to become paying customers. All around, the Vanilla software has been a great fit for the TeamViewer goals and future objectives. If you want to know more about how Vanilla could be a great fit for you, contact us to find out more!


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