The Tallo Community is a Powerful Measurement of Engagement, Connection, and ROI

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October 17, 2022

The Tallo Community is a Powerful Measurement of Engagement, Connection, and ROI

About Tallo:

Tallo is an industry-leading talent network that covers every phase of workforce and talent development. It enables students and young professionals to build connections and network to find scholarships, courses, and careers. 

The Challenges:

Tallo’s members wanted a way to connect with each other and with talent seekers (colleges, companies, and professional organizations). The team felt it was time to find a dedicated space where students and job seekers could network and build true connections with one another and the brand.

The Search:

They wanted to find a solution that could provide real, meaningful interaction. Tallo set out to find a community that could both allow for free interaction, but also enable moderation. 

The Launch:

When Tallo found Vanilla, they knew that they had found a solid solution – the Vanilla platform not only offered the capabilities to moderate appropriately and provide a safe environment, but it could also provide a better SEO solution. The launch went even smoother than they expected.


Over the course of just more than a year, the Tallo community has proven a huge success. They have recruited 16,700 active users, produced more than 7,100 member generated posts, 220,000 guest visits, and have over 1,000,000 page views and counting! 


“We’ve found our Community to be a powerful way to engage with our members and give them a voice.”

Director of User Growth & Community, Jason Manion


The Challenges: An Intentional Way To Connect

Previous to launching their community, Tallo members did not have a way to connect with one another. Because many Tallo members are students and there are privacy issues to take into consideration, this was deliberate. However, these Tallo members wanted ways to communicate, connect, and network with each other and with partner companies and colleges and Tallo needed to do something to accommodate these requests.

Members had been explaining what was missing from the Tallo experience, and the team really listened. They needed to find a solution in which members could have a space on Tallo to build those connections but where their privacy was still being protected. 

Creating an excellent experience for their members was the true driving force behind the search for a Tallo community.



No Dedicated Space

Inability to Communicate Poor Moderation 
There wasn’t any one space for the Tallo members to connect with one another, and find all the information they needed. Members felt as though their thoughts and needs were being lost to a social media echo chamber.

The Tallo team found it difficult to moderate their social media channels and wanted to provide a safer, more inclusive space for their members. 


The Search: Time to Apply Customer Feedback

To use Tallo, you have to create a profile but the team wanted to offer a space that was purely for career and educational development. They wanted it to be public facing, simple to moderate, a central space for their members to gather, and safe.

In line with their members’ feedback, the Tallo team realized the importance of a space where members could meaningfully interact with one another, with recruiters, and with the team.

They took their time scoping out their options but when they found Vanilla, the solution fit like a glove. With moderation capabilities, promises of excellent SEO, excellent security, and the ability to offer their customers an excellent experience out-of-the-box, the choice to build a Higher Logic Vanilla community was easy. 



“We wanted our members to have the option to connect with one another but we also wanted to ensure that our space was safe and inclusive. Ability to moderate was a must-have.” 


“Our platform is public facing but you must have an account to interact. We wanted to offer a public space that was dedicated to career and education development outside of our product and offer extra value.” 

Smooth UI and UX

“Until we launched a community we relied on social media channels for our members to interact with us but we really wanted to create an excellent, easy-to-navigate experience for them.” 


“We have 1.6 million accounts but realize that not all of these people will want to initially join the community. We were looking for a solution that could scale as our community did.”

The Launch: A One Week Job

The launch went superbly. Tallo was delighted by their experience with the Higher Logic Vanilla team and was confident in how smooth the launch would be. 

In just one short week, the Tallo community was up and running. 

Though there were no surprises in how quick and easy the launch was, there was a huge surprise waiting for the Tallo team in the first weeks of their community going live. 


The Outcomes: A Thriving Community

The first few weeks of the Tallo community were a whirlwind – hundreds of members joined and started seeing the benefits of the community.

Within a year, the Tallo community has amassed more than 12,000 active users and is home to more than 4,000 posts. 

They have seen online courses, information, and true connections blossom through the community over the past year.

What the Tallo team hadn’t expected? The ability to measure ROI so quickly. The Tallo community has fast become a space they have been able to monetize without sacrificing their members’ experience. 

There are already two paid sponsorships in the community – one with Boeing!

Aside from that, the team has also been able to identify 6 community ambassadors within their active usership. The next step? Create an advocacy program that can prove value both internally at the company and for their members. 




Community Members Posts Guest Visits

Page Views


Reflecting on the Tallo Journey

In just over 1 year, Tallo has seen their community do wonderful things for their members, and their organization. Higher Logic Vanilla turned out to be the perfect fit for Tallo’s needs and it could be perfect for yours too! Want to learn more? Connect with our team—we’d be glad to chat!


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