CSS Improvements in Vanilla 2

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November 14, 2009

CSS Improvements in Vanilla 2

After taking a lot of input from the community, and consulting many colleagues in the graphic design field, we decided to switch things up. This morning I pushed the first revision of our new approach to styling a multi-application Garden site. First of all, we’ve isolated all of the administrative pages to their own admin master view, and their own admin.css file. Second, we took all common elements from the user-facing/front-end pages and consolidated them to a single style.css file. So, the user profile page, activity stream, login page, popups, menu styles, and all common element styles are contained therein. Of course every application (Vanilla, Conversations, etc) will need its own custom css file to handle non-standard layout issues created in new applications, but the application css files are greatly decreased in size.

To put it simply, every user-facing page will use the style.css file, and the related application css file – there should only be two css files on any user-facing page. We also changed the style of the administrative pages using the admin.css file. This was done on purpose to give the user a clear visual cue that they’re in a completely different, admin-only part of the site. For the most part, theme designers will only ever have to touch the style.css file when creating their themes!


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Mark O'Sullivan

Written by Mark O'Sullivan

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