What do Community Thought Leaders Predict for 2016?

Posted by Vanilla Staff on Dec 1, 2015 10:13:54 AM

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It seems like the year has only just begun, but somehow it’s December already. Everyone is looking back on their year, seeing what has changed and trying to predict what’s to come in 2016.

It’s a tricky matter, and an important one. Being able to see which way the winds are blowing is one thing, but being able to tell when they’re going to change and prepare accordingly is one of the most coveted skills in the business world. As a relatively young industry, the community space is particularly prone to change and development. Community professionals need to be able to quickly adapt and develop new skills if they expect to keep up.

For those of us who are not blessed with second sight, how can we ensure that we’re ready for the potential changes in our work in the coming year? The answer is simple: ask the smartest people you know. Thankfully, we know some pretty smart people.

We’re ending our 2015 by releasing the 2016 Community Predictions ebook. We asked 18 community thought leaders a simple question: “What do you think the greatest challenge or change for online communities in 2016?”. We received a great variety of insights and viewpoints from different areas of the community space. No matter what kind of community you have (or need), this document contains the information you need to stay ahead of the pack in the coming year.

Oh, and it’s free.
Interested? Click here to sign up for your copy. Did we mention that it’s free? Because it is. No ifs, no buts, no tricks. Check it out now, before Christmas overwhelms your senses. 


Contributors include:

  • Sterling Anderson, Hootsuite
  • Bernie Borges, Find and Convert
  • Todd Burry, Vanilla Forums
  • Tim Falls, Keen.io
  • Evan Hamilton, Community Manager Breakfast
  • Shep Hyken, Shepard Presentations
  • Justin Isaf, Toptal
  • Carrie Jones, CMX
  • Sarah Lang, TicketLeap
  • Jennifer Sable Lopez, Moz
  • Laura Lopez, Social Tables
  • Margot Mazur, Wistia
  • Jenna Meister, (former) Airbnb
  • Richard Millington, FeverBee
  • Meghan Murphy, HandUp.org
  • Sherrie Rohde, Magento
  • Shelley Sessoms, SAS
  • Sarah Judd Welch, Loyal


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