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Best of Vanilla Blog 2016 - Part 2

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December 26, 2016


Here is part 2 of our Best of Vanilla Blogs series. We've collected our best posts of 2016 for your reading pleasure!

4 Unexpected Hats Worn by Community Managers : The Community Manager job description varies from one day to the next. It's not uncommon at startups, where responsibilities are shared across multiple roles. Community Manager is not so easily defined in a few neat sentences, but that’s part of what makes the position so interesting. Find out how the #CMGR morphs into other positions and the skillsets required to be successful.

In-person events: your shortcut to a highly engaged community: Sarah Lang, Director of Community and Support at TicketLeap, explains investing in building credibility and trust through events can help grow a young community exponentially. A solid in-person event strategy can increase community engagement with minimal effort.

Community Moderating Tips This Pro Wants You to Know As a community manager, and moderator, your job is to  foster a civilized place for public discussion. When you create an inclusive community and many ways for folks to get involved and contribute, you will see an increase in engagement and membership. Learn how different types of engagement drives collaboration with your community members and other tips that help create a more vibrant community.

Do you need a Community Manager or a Social Media Manager?  The line between social media management and community management can sometimes seem blurred. Most people can’t seem to tell the difference between the two. As a matter of fact, it’s a surprise to most that the departments are separate, yet it feels as though they both deal in the same agenda. To be able to differentiate clearly between these two roles, you would need to understand the roles more deeply.

4 Ways to Re-engage Your Community and Reduce Churn Whether your company is focused on finance, consumer tech or even e-commerce, the following touch points and tactics can help you stay connected with your community member while providing them with an awesome, on-brand experience.


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