CCO + CMO: Unstoppable Duo for Business Growth

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September 7, 2022

CCO + CMO: Unstoppable Duo for Business Growth


Recently, Higher Logic CCO, Jay Nathan, sat down with some special guests to discuss the importance of the relationship between the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and the Chief Customer Officer (CCO).  

Together, they are “the power duo of growth for a company,” Jay explained. 

As buying behavior changes and evolves, B2B companies need to ensure that their entire organization is aligned; but there should be special attention paid to the strengthening of the relationship between CMO and CCO. 

Latané Conant, CMO at 6Sense, and Rachel Orston, CCO at SmartRecruiters sat down with Jay to discuss how to collaborate and how they are blurring the lines between their departments at their respective organizations to help enhance the customer experience and promote business growth. 

I’ve broken down some of my favorite takeaways from the webinar.  If you’d rather watch the playback, you can do so here! 

Why the CCO and CMO are the Power Duo of Business Growth: 

1. Have Empathy for the Rest of the Executive Team

Latané gives a nod to the executive team and explains how there must be strong alignment across the board. “My executive peers are my first team,” she explained. 

It’s important for the C Suite to remember that they are the team that truly needs to understand each other’s goals and objectives, and to know each other’s pain points and how they can help each other. Showing empathy for individual responsibilities and balancing out shared goals can lead to better business. 

2. Customer Marketing is Underfunded

Customer marketing has evolved substantially and is being defined in real time. CMOs and CCOs must fight for funding to build customer marketing programs. With the support of one another, that funding can be a little easier to raise. 

As a joint endeavor, customer marketing can become much more effective. Accepting joint ownership and assigning effective responsibilities across departments can help to build more effective customer marketing programs. 

3. CCOs and CMOs should Triangulate their Insights

Both marketing and success leaders have in-depth customer knowledge and foresight, and they should be sharing this information regularly and openly.  

“Customers and prospects are connecting more frequently in a back-channel environment,” Rachel explained. Uncovering those back-channels and seeing the opportunities that live there should be a joint initiative.  

4. How Best to Partner Together

Latané says: “The most important thing is empathy – the better you understand the challenges of the other’s role and better understand what needs to happen the better your relationship. A combo of shared goals and vision plus empathy,” is a winning combination.  

Rachel reiterates Latane’s sentiment: “Transparency and candor are so important. Start with an open conversation about what we could be doing (together). It does take a village,” and working together can be so much more effective. 

If you’d like to watch the full webinar, you can do so here! 

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