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Weekly Re-Cap Around Customer Communities: Content Curation, Artificial Intelligence, and Customer Experience

We’re doing something new around here. Each week, I’ll scour the internet for the latest blogs and articles on community management, online customer service, customer experience, and whatever else I think would be valuable to you.

Here’s what I was able to find from last week:

How to Curate Content: The Secret Sauce To Getting Noticed, Becoming An Influencer, And Growing Your Audience – Inbound Rocket

If you’re a community manager, then content generation and curation is most likely a huge part of your job description. This week, Inbound Rocket put out a great explainer on how to execute the latter. If you want to know how to efficiently and effectively pull together content to share with your community, this article is worth the 10 minutes it’ll take you to read it.

How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Customer Management — The Next Web

In this article, Ben Dickson talks about the next revolution in customer management—a movement driven by “artificial intelligence algorithms that help businesses automate customer outreach and make optimal use of data.” Dickson focuses on a few areas of special interest: CRM, outbound marketing, and customer service. While his post doesn’t itself break much new ground, it gives a helpful roundup of companies and services which are leaping ahead in AI, especially for customer service.

Moving Toward a Digital, Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy — Customer Think

Look at how to develop a business around customers, Sawaram Suthar leads with a startling statistic: 91% of unhappy customers won’t continue doing business with you if they can help it. Building on that, Suthar leads the reader on a helpful journey in creating a truly customer-centric marketing strategy. If that sounds a bit fluffy to you, then you’ll be delighted to see several concrete recommendations backed up by reliable data and clear exposition.

The Future Sees Integration of Social Media and Customer Experience Management – Loyalty 360

source: Loyalty360


While the vast majority of enterprises see customer experience as a critical element in their future success, more than half fail to see the integral connection between social media and the future of CX. In this article, Jim Tierney shares some of the more salient features from a recent study conducted by Sprinkly and the Harvard Business Review. There’s some interesting food for thought here, not only about how social media in general, but how SM can (and should!) integrate CX within the broader community of users and customers.

Community Managers, How Do You Make Your Happy Customers Talk?

Getting happy customers to leave feedback can sometimes feel only slightly less painful than a root canal. And yet it’s a powerful marketing strategy that should not be put off. Much digital ink has already been spilled exploring the myriad reasons why; but the how still continues to elude many talented and capable marketers. That’s a shame, because the answer is as simple as a single word: ask. Continue reading

[Gaming] ASO Quick Guide for Mobile Games in 2017

Hundreds of games are launched on marketplaces like iOS & Google Play every day. The primary challenge of indie game developers, therefore, is in being discovered. Without a massive budget and strategy to acquire 5 to 10,000 users per day, it is highly unlikely that your game will be featured in any major category. Continue reading