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Vanilla Forum’s Revamped Analytics Provide Deeper Insights For Community Managers

Over the course of the last several months, the development team at Vanilla Forums has been working on a new set of product analytics for our community forum software. This undertaking has allowed the team to build a new data collection and storage infrastructure to better help you get insights into your community behaviours.

When building an analytics feature, the reports and visualizations are just the tip of the iceberg, most of the functionality exists below the surface. This was a significant project. Continue reading

Feature Spotlight: Using the Best Of to Curate Your Community Content

Best Of Curate Content

One of the easiest ways to showcase the best content in your community is the Best Of feature. Members of your community vote on the best content, as does your moderation team and staff, and only the best content appears. Also you can give your staff the ability to push certain content to the Best Of page too, which will constantly be refreshed as new stuff gets added. Finally, you can even set the Best Of section as your homepage.

Let’s look a bit deeper on how to set up Best Of and how it works. Continue reading