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5 Tools Community Managers Can’t Live Without

Managing a community is hard work. It involves constant time spent analyzing data, looking for and creating relevant content, planning new posts, and interacting with members. If you want to succeed as a community manager and sleep more than 3 hours a night, you need help.

Here are five areas where the right tool will help save you invaluable time and energy. While I’ll give a specific example under each heading, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try more than one tool. See what works best for you and go with it. Continue reading

3 Ways to Grow Your Business with Online Community-Based Customer Support

In my last post, I explained why 2017 is going to be a big year for online community-based customer support. Here’s a quick recap: online communities provide a space for customers to find authentic information they can trust in the most efficient way possible.

In this post, I’d like to give you three ideas on how to leverage this trend to serve customers in a way that captivates their interest, convinces them of your brand’s value, and ultimately drives future conversion. Continue reading

Why Online Community-Based Customer Support Will Rise in 2017

With a new year comes new scrutiny over which marketing efforts are working and which need to be cut. For a community manager, that means yet another opportunity to justify your existence (and your salary!) to your superiors.

Here’s at least one reason for them to keep you around this year: online community-based customer support.

In the past, companies have engaged with digital channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) as if they were glorified customer support lines. While that won’t completely go away, I believe this year will show a steady rise in community-based support. Continue reading