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[Gaming] The Pitfalls of Ratings-Driven Communities

We need to separate user-reviews from critics-reviews

Ratings Communities Gaming Reviews

The digital marketplace has become a river of reviews. Scores, stars, thumbs up and down drive the vast majority of digital purchases, empowering the average consumer like never before.

Dissatisfied with a business?

Leave a public display of frustration on social media and a rep will likely contact you within 48 hours to fix it with a fast remedy. Mobile apps constantly fish for positive reviews, not because they want your opinion, but to catch more stars than the competition, for the sole purpose of boosting their page rank higher. Continue reading

Keeping Your Online Community Safe

Online community safe protect

People join online communities for a number of reasons. Whether they’re looking to interact with a brand, proclaim support for a political or social cause, or connect with individuals who share a common hobby. Part of a community manager’s (CM) job is to ensure that the forum is a safe and enjoyable place for members to interact. Continue reading

6 Easy Ways to Learn What Your Customers Really Think

When a young child learns to play piano, constructive feedback is a critical part of the process. To improve his or her performance, they need to know whether they’re doing things the right way.

The same goes for business. If you want to succeed, you need to know whether you’re doing the right things, the right way. Who better to give that feedback than your customers? Continue reading

The Simple Way For Community Managers To Overcome Their #1 Content Woe

It’s 7 a.m., and you’re sitting at the breakfast table. You’ve got a full day ahead as the manager of a highly influential grilled cheese community. You know you need to post 5 interesting articles on Facebook, tweet 7 funny quips, and somehow manage to publish a 1,200 word article on the Zen of comfort sandwiches. Continue reading