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Webinar Today: Google Analytics for Community Managers

Google Analytics for Community Managers

Are you lost when it comes to your online community ROI?

Unlike the more traditional marketing channels, community management is a relatively young industry. When it comes to community management, it can become difficult to convince executives on the value of community driving sales or brand visibility.

Today on March 23rd at 2:00 PM EDT, Vanilla Forums is having a webinar on what a community manager needs to know about Google Analytics. Even if you don’t use Vanilla, don’t worry, it’s a community platform agnostic training.

Based on the popular “The Community Manager’s Guide to Google Analytics“, Marketing Manager Adrian Speyer, will be providing a webinar giving you the basics you need to know about. Adrian has over 10 years of Analytics experience, has been Google Analytics certified and managed the analytics for a large multi-billion company.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

• Track your community traffic  in real-time.
• Set goals to measure success.
• Leverage the power of Google’s Social Hub to track for social listening.
• Find what your members and lurkers are searching within your community.
• Segment cohorts and view engagement levels in your community.
• And much, much more!

Grab your spot now, spaces are limited! 

Winner of Vanilla Forums CMAD 2016 Award: Sam Whitaker from OneSpace

CMAD Winner Sam Whitaker

We were very excited to be a sponsor of CMAD 2016, with our friends at We were also inspired to recognize the hard work of community managers using Vanilla Forums. We asked and you responded with numerous nominations. After reviewing all submissions, it is quite obvious that there are many great and hard-working community managers using the Vanilla platform, so it was really a hard choice. In the end, the standout winner is someone who had a major impact on their community and on their company.

Sam Whitaker from OneSpace is our winner for the 2016 CMAD award from Vanilla. Jayme O’Renic, VP Client Services at OneSpace who was one of the people who nominated Sam for the award, really summed it up best:

Sam is a true advocate and positive force for our community members. He listens to their comments, good and bad, and is quick to take action. Our team of freelancers who make up our community know that Sam is approachable, and they can trust him to listen to their requests.

Our company recently rebranded from CrowdSource to OneSpace, and as well all know, change can be hard. Sam spent many hours fielding questions from our community and sharing their feedback with our team. He was able to balance and recognize real issues versus constructive criticism. We are incredibly fortunate to have Sam on our team!

We couldn’t wait to talk with Sam, to learn more him and OneSpace. Continue reading

Three Things I Learned From the #myCMGR Hangout

3 Things I Learned From the #myCMGR Hangout

I was recently fortunate enough to take part in the #cmgrhangout operated by The topic under discussion was the recent release of The Community Manager’s Survival Guide. It was a great opportunity to talk with with a variety of experienced community managers about the issues presented. Here are a few of the things that I learned from the experience:

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Happy #CMAD Community Manager Friends!

Community Manager Appreciation Day #CMAD

Hi Community Manager friends!

Today is the day to thank all the hard-working community managers you know. It’s not an easy job, as you know. Why else would we have to create a survival guide for tricky situations?

One of the ways we are able to say thank you is to support community managers. That’s why we are proud to sponsor the official #CMAD celebration being held by with the lovely help from many of the team from

Today there is a full schedule of events, and some started already. You can get the full schedule here. There are also some meetups being planned, as are some awards!

It is sure to be a great day for learning, growing and connecting!

Further to the planned activities, we at Vanilla also are looking to honour the tireless and hardworking CMGRs of Vanilla-powered communities. If you know someone who deserves some recognition for their hard work as a community manager and they are using Vanilla (you will usually see a Vanilla logo in the footer), please consider nominating them here. We will be announcing a winner in each category very soon, and be presenting them with a very nice award.

Also, I will be hosting a Blab at 2-3PM (EST) on whatever Community Management topics that are of interest to you. Come on by and say hello, I’d be happy to meet you and talk all things about community!