Breaking Through the Noise of Facebook Communities

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July 23, 2015

Breaking Through the Noise of Facebook Communities

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Noise is a Serious Issue on Facebook

Other businesses hit a different problem; their Facebook page is too successful. Miniclip is a top developer of mobile games, and their Facebook page is extremely popular. Having 3 million Facebook fans may sound like a rich person’s problem, but it caused big problems when trying to build a community. The amount of noise generated by that huge fanbase meant that it was impossible to sift through to the useful information. They have a huge audience, but that translates into a lot of noise and missing out on important questions.

Miniclip’s solution was to build a branded community around 8-Ball Pool (their most popular game). This allowed them to increase engagement with their core fans and create an environment where fans could meaningfully engage with both Miniclip and each other. Solving support issues became a much simpler process. It’s easier than ever to find pain points for users and elevate the most relevant issues to developers. A branded forum allowed Miniclip to drastically improve the signal-to-noise ratio of their community.

Community Forums Generate Great Content

This forum strategy yielded great results for Miniclip. Their 8-Ball Pool forum grew to over 20 thousand users within a month and 40 thousand page views every day. While these are great vanity metrics, the real benefits came from the great content that their members were posting. Community members used the forum to build a knowledge base of different tips for playing the game effectively.

This wealth of content cost nothing for Miniclip to produce, and provides great SEO benefits. Having a knowledge base available for their community helps new players to get started with 8-Ball Pool, and the social environment allows them to arrange multiplayer games with people they’ve never met before. This adds up to a much more engaging experience for 8-Ball Pool’s most loyal players.

Want to Generate Great Content From Your Community?

Miniclip’s success isn’t unique to them. Forum communities across the internet have served as great generators of fresh, interesting and engaging content. If you’d like to learn more about how to take advantage of the content generating potential of a branded community, download our free whitepaper: How to Turn Your Community Into Content Marketing Gold. It doesn’t cost a thing, and has all the information you need to supercharge your content marketing strategy.

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