Best of Vanilla 2018 – My Favorite Blogs

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December 26, 2018

Best of Vanilla 2018 – My Favorite Blogs

There’s a plethora of practical advice from some of the industry’s best minds in the following articles.

The New KPIs for Community Managers

As a community manager, you likely have to produce regular reports for management. You might throw in some metrics like page views, discussions and registration numbers. But are they the right things to measure? 

Not so long ago, we used to be that the heart beat of a human would determine if they were still alive. We now know that there’s much more to look at. Are you focusing on the right vital signs?

Kenny shares 10 KPIs that should matter to community managers. Go beyond vanity metrics and learn to measure what truly matters. Read on.

Driving Community Engagement with Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation: the promise of having your community engagement strategy on autopilot. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Not so fast. Marketing faces its own challenges when it comes to automation and so does community.

Adrian deep dives into the powerful benefits of Marketing Automation for your online community while addressing some of the common pitfalls. (Spoiler alert: don’t make the mistake of paying for two separate automation systems! ) Read more here

How and When to Acknowledge Your Community Members’ Contribution

Ever found yourself wondering what happened to some of your more senior and active participants? Seems like some haven’t really posted much in the last little? Come to think of it, there are a few that have gone MIA?

You might be having a retention problem: they’ve lost that sense of community – so vital in keeping your members engaged . This is where small tokens of appreciation can go a long way to address this problem.

Fresh off the CMX Summit, inspired by Ben Leong’s presentation, Carrie shares strategies on how you can reverse and mitigate this trend. Read more here.

The Value of Super Users: How to Manage a Big Community With a Small Team

A common misconception in community building is that as your membership increases, your operational costs should automatically skyrocket. It seems logical that more members participate, they should require more resources, namely extra staff to cope with the influx of traffic and moderation.

What if we told you that it doesn’t have to be that way. Right under your nose, you have access to a secret weapon – the Super User.

Darren shares how you can identify, recruit and motivate your super users and extend your team’s capabilities without having to hire more staff. Read more here.

Community Commitment Curves

If you ask 10 community managers how you can keep community members engaged, you’ll likely get 10 very different and all quite valid responses for their unique circumstances. However, this leads to the conclusion that it all depends, which is frustrating and impractical.

Carrie tackles this perennial question through the Commitment Curve framework, originally designed for Change Management in organizations. You’ll walk away with a practical framework that you can use right away with your own community. Read more here.

Transitioning From Live Events to Your Online Community

Who doesn’t love a great conference? The last one I attended had me energized, pumped and full of ideas. I made dozens of great connections. Though I was able to put into practice a lot of those ideas, many of my connections have since fizzled into silence.

This situation is not unique to me. Life gets in the way, there is work to do, family to take care of and activities to enjoy. Of course, it’s easy to rely on individual participants to keep connections going on social media but the reality is, you’re competing with the hundreds of other distractions on these channels.

How can event organizers keep the energy and powerful exchanges alive and thriving after the event? Todd provides tactics on how to get members participating online and translating that event energy into your online community. Check out the blog here


Hungry for more knowledge? Prepare for next year with the wisdom of 18 industry experts.


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