Be The Best You Can Be: CMGR Bootcamp

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May 21, 2019

Be The Best You Can Be: CMGR Bootcamp

In my experience, Community Managers are among the most dedicated, insightful and driven people out there, so if you’re a Community Manager and also taking the time to read this post, I guarantee you fall into this statistic.

By now, it’s likely that the euphoria of a new year along with your annual promise has worn off, and your resolution has been left on the back burner. The simple fact is that the majority of people aren’t able to fulfill their resolution.

But let’s not forget why you made this resolution in the first place; you want to better yourself. Even if learning a new skill wasn’t your resolution of choice, these promises are made because people are always striving to be the best they can possibly be — and continuous learning is always a part of that.

Professional development is ultimately the key to being the best you can be at your job. Every new skill you learn is like getting another piece of the puzzle; when you add this new piece of knowledge to the ones that you already have, you begin to see the bigger picture.

The good news is that you can still make 2019 the year where you focus on your goals to better yourself — it’s never too late. In fact, we have a 3 day professional development bootcamp for Community Managers being held online from May 28-30 at no cost.

This is your opportunity to start your professional development journey and learn from community experts and veterans. This bootcamp will not only prompt you to approach community with a different perspective, but it will also allow you to build on your existing skills, learn more about topics that matter to you, and overall, gain a more wholesome picture of community management.

CMRG Bootcamp

If you want to take a step towards being the best you can be, you should definitely check it out and be a part of the hundreds of other Community Managers who are also striving to make their communities even better.

As you know, community management is comprised of a number of different elements and disciplines, and when used together, the results are a thriving, successful and vibrant community. That’s why at the CMRG Bootcamp, we’ve ensured that all relevant topics are covered so that you can expand your skill set in any or all disciplines community related, including:

Marketing Automation

You know what it is, but are you using it in the most efficient way possible? Show your organization just how valuable the power of community is through harness marketing automation to boost productivity. Learn how to effectively use your data to target relevant community members with content that they’ll actually want to see.

Community Engagement Strategies

Engagement is a big topic in community and it’s not uncommon for Community Managers to think, “what else can I do to foster more engagement?” or “why aren’t my engagement campaigns seeing better results?” This is something that all Community Managers struggle with at some point, and so we’ve included a number of discussion on strategies and tactics to address this issue.

Community Research and Feedback

We know that as a Community Manager, you not only want to explore your community to collect feedback, but you also need to do this to prove its worth to your executives who might not be 100% sold on its value. This can be difficult to do for even the most experienced CMGRs, so let us give you some pointers.

Necessary Conditions for Community Growth

So you’ve got your community, but how do you grow it? How do you make it a thriving, successful and desirable place to be? Learn the key strategies and tactics that the best of the best use to make their communities thrive.

KPIs and Data Analytics

The right KPIs will not only give you insight on how to improve your community, but it will also help you illustrate the impact that your community has on your organization. Learn what KPIs should be captured from your community, how to capture them and how to analyze them.

Strategic and Impactful Content

Content is important, but delivering it to the right people at the right time can be quite difficult. Learn how to take a strategic approach to content creation and distribution in your community to help impact the bottom line.

Now, take a moment to ask yourself: what would you do with your community with all this knowledge in your backpocket?

Well, why don’t you find out how the best you can impact your community.

Gear up, we’ll see you there.

CMRG Bootcamp

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