Lindsay Grummett

Lindsay Grummett


Lindsay graduated with a Journalism and English degree in 2011. She went on to become a feature writer for a Canadian publishing company before finding her passion in online marketing. Lindsay’s entrepreneurial spirit shone through in 2015 when she opened up Birch Tree Social Media. She now assists small to mid-sized businesses by helping them build their brands online.

The Short Newbies Guide to Community Strategy

Congratulations, you’re a community manager! In this role, you’ll be responsible for extending the reach and recognition of your brand, upping engagement levels, and improving customer satisfaction. These factors are critical to a brand’s success, but don’t be overwhelmed with the newfound responsibility.

Instead, follow these steps to create a community strategy that will show your managers why they hired you in the first place! Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions Every Community Manager Must Make

If you’re like me, you have a New Year’s resolutions. Maybe it’s to eat healthier. Or to read more books. Or maybe you want to learn how to speak a new language. Admittedly, these are all resolutions I’ve had in year’s past.

You’re also like me if you’ve had some New Year’s resolution failures. I’m looking at you, Spanish language. It’s easy to get excited by the promise of a fresh start only to burn out by February. But that doesn’t mean all resolutions are doomed to fail. They simply require an action plan to keep you motivated all year long.

Here’s five New Year’s resolutions for community managers and some advice on how to ensure you succeed. Continue reading

10 Etiquette Rules for Community Managers

community manager etiquette

Let’s face it, community managers aren’t just sharing news and information on behalf of the brand – they are the brand. Their comments and replies are being watched by countless consumers, who expect prompt replies, unfaltering product knowledge, and sometimes a bit of magic.

It’s a career that requires someone who’s smart, resourceful, patient, and willing to put in work. Above all else, it requires a great deal of etiquette – and I’m not talking about the kind that requires your pinky finger pointed to the sky while you sip tea. Continue reading

4 Threats to Your Community’s Success


Community managers are under a lot of pressure to be perfect. You need to craft the perfect responses, develop the perfect strategy, and have perfect knowledge of the brand. Don’t be overwhelmed – this is achievable with some preparation. Let’s look at four threats to your community’s success, and how strategy and some initial groundwork will help you overcome and thrive. Continue reading

Why Your Brand Needs an Online Community

brand needs online community

It’s that time of year again! As 2016 comes to a close, businesses are facing the arduous task of reviewing their goals from the past year and implementing new, ambitious strategies for growth in 2017.

Digital opportunities have become the darling of marketing while traditional channels like print or television continue to show a decline in total marketing investment, according to Econsultancy’s Marketing Budgets 2016 Report. However, the sheer number of digital options can make it difficult to determine how to allocate the budget. Continue reading