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5 KPIs For Your Knowledge Base

All platforms, strategies and processes in your organization need to be measured in order to identify areas for improvement and areas to build on. Your knowledge base is no exception; collecting regular statistics on the performance and health of your knowledge base is what will keep it well-oiled and running as intended.

Neglecting to collect and measure KPIs from you community can lead to the decay of useful information and an inability to provide your customers with an adequate level of customer self service.

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Sarah Robinson-Yu

Kiely Monteiro

Kiely is the Sr. Customer Advocacy Consultant at Captivate Collective. Kiely Monteiro has over seven years of experience in the customer advocacy and community fields, creating inaugural customer communities, revamping end-to-end advocacy programs and building out a wide portfolio of customer engagement programs and campaigns. As an advocacy consultant for Captivate Collective, Kiely helps B2B organizations build customer engagement and advocacy strategies, including community alignment and integration. 

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