Kenny S.

What Does Heart Surgery Have to do With Customer Success?

What is a customer success manager (CSM)?

Apparently, it depends on who you ask.

  • Some would define a CSM as a key account manager—a dedicated representative who makes sure this or that uber-important customer gets all the attention they deserve.
  • Others would view the CSM as an extension of the sales representative—their job is to increase opportunities for up-sells, cross-sells, and the like.
  • Another would paint the CSM as a beefed-up version of a customer service representative—a more direct conduit for customer support.

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5 Tricks to Sharpen Your Community Listening Skills and Guarantee Customer Success

The more you listen to customers, the better prepared you’ll be to help them succeed.

Duh. That’s almost too obvious to be helpful.

You don’t need to be convinced that listening to customers yields success. Nor do you need another post to tell you why you need to ‘talk to your customers’ more. Continue reading