Kenny S.

Stop Wasting Time on Customer Support

Sneaky headline alert: I don’t think customer support is a waste of time. I just think there are plenty of businesses out there who are spending way more time on it than they should.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on ticket deflection. To briefly recap that post, ticket deflection is a means or method companies use to cut down on person to person support time. This practice not only saves businesses time and money but drastically benefits customers as well. Continue reading

5 Things You’re Doing to Alienate Your Community Members

Everybody has a set of painfully annoying quirks they don’t immediately recognize.

Just ask my wife. She’ll tell you all about mine.

As a community manager, you’re no different. There are aspects of your leadership and communication style that will inevitably rub some people the wrong way. So it helps to know where those blind spots are, so you can manage them. Continue reading

How to Tell if Your Online Customer Service is Actually Working

In recent posts, I’ve shared why I think 2017 will be a big year for online customer service and how you can use that trend to your benefit in growing your online community. Today, I want to help those businesses who have already begun to see the value of online customer support.

How do you measure customer service success? Continue reading