Kenny Silva

Why Online Community-Based Customer Support Will Rise in 2017

With a new year comes new scrutiny over which marketing efforts are working and which need to be cut. For a community manager, that means yet another opportunity to justify your existence (and your salary!) to your superiors.

Here’s at least one reason for them to keep you around this year: online community-based customer support.

In the past, companies have engaged with digital channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) as if they were glorified customer support lines. While that won’t completely go away, I believe this year will show a steady rise in community-based support. Continue reading

Voices from the Outside: 3 Unexpected Benefits to Letting Outside Thought Leaders Teach Your Community


Every smart marketer knows that interviews are a gold mine of valuable content. Not only are they an incredibly efficient way of generating material, but they leave you with tons of options for future content pieces.

Andrew Garner at Mixergy, for example, has built an incredibly lucrative business on little more than repackaged interviews with various founders and thought leaders.

That’s all perfect for a content marketer, but what does it have to do with community management? Aside from the obvious content advantages mentioned above, here are three tangible benefits for your community building efforts. Continue reading

Why Should I Hang Out with You? 5 Tips for Building an Online Community People Actually Want to Join


With all the unread emails to deal with and arguments to be had on Facebook, why should I take the time to join a community of strangers on some forum or website? What could possibly be in it for me?

If you’re a community manager and you can’t answer that question, then don’t expect anyone to subscribe.

People are busy. They want to use their time wisely by only devoting their attention to things that will truly make their lives better. In other words, people want value. Continue reading

What’s Your Story? How Narrative Drives Community Engagement and Brand Awareness


The other day, my brother and I took our families to a holiday event at a local amusement park. At one point, we found ourselves lined up on benches while our kids surrounded this lovely old woman in a cozy red parka with white cotton trim.

I steadily sipped my hot coffee and watched as the children sat and listened to Mrs. Claus regale them with story after story about reindeer, elves, and presents. It was delightful. Continue reading

A Match Made in a Frying Pan? 3 Crucial Tips for Increasing Your Sales with Online Community

week-of-nov-21st-2From celebrity chefs to frat guys with far too much time on their hands, it seems everyone is lauding bacon as a culinary miracle. While enthusiasm for the salted, cured meat is currently running high, brand loyalty is another matter altogether. Bacon eaters are fickle; the name on the package merely a formality in their pursuit of crispy fried deliciousness. Continue reading