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David Bailey-Lauring is a single father of three boys and a digital entrepreneur who regularly writes about finance, tech, SEO and digital marketing in the UK, USA, and Europe. He is the co-founder of Blu Mint Digital, a digital marketing agency and loves sharing his experiences and ideas with other digital entrepreneurs looking to grow their online businesses.
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Anatomy of a Webpage: 8 Amazing Tips for SEO & Conversion

Posted by David Bailey-Lauring on Jul 30, 2019 8:00:00 AM

7 minute read

SEO depends on search engines correctly interpreting your content so they can determine where it should rank. Conversion depends on humans being convinced about what content is on the webpage to make them buy or sign up. 

Traditionally, both have been seen as separate digital marketing channels yet as Google’s algorithm becomes more intelligent, it is rewarding web pages with higher rankings that demonstrate relevance, are easy to navigate and have highly rich content.

It’s a job for business owners and entrepreneurs to help both humans and search engine crawlers better understand precisely what our web content is about, so it will rank better and receive more organic traffic.

The challenge then becomes knowing what exactly is required on a webpage to ensure that the content is understood.

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