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[Gaming] How to Target Hybrid Device Users

How do you target an audience when their core behavior transcends traditional definitions of device usage? For example, what happens if you encourage long-form writing on a mobile device, or offer time-sensitive rewards on a home console? Odds are you will experience lower engagement rates and slower (if not declining!) community growth. Continue reading

Game Industry News Roundup – Oculus, Logitech Acquisition, Brazilian Indie Fest

Oculus moving on from investing in smaller VR projects

Apparently, Oculus is becoming more concerned with the big picture. The virtual reality pioneers are stepping away from the kind of small titles that welcomed VR into our homes, and focusing more on projects that require investments deep into six figures. While it’s easy to jump to conclusions about their motives, Jason Rubin, VP of content, stated that their interests are shifting due to general market health, and that smaller titles no longer need significant investment to succeed in the marketplace. This announcement, coming shortly after Oculus cut the Rift/Touch bundle price, may hint at a larger move from Oculus where big titles and less expensive systems are used to promote widespread hardware acquisition.

Logitech buys Astro for $85 million

In a surprising but logical move, hardware manufacturer Logitech has acquired headset manufacturer Astro for $85 million in an all-cash deal. While Logitech is by far the larger name of the two brands, Astro has established itself as the preferred headset brand of competitive, and console, games. Logitech is commonly associated with PC gaming, which is a surprisingly limited market despite having a higher APRU. Perhaps this acquisition will be a powerful move in the growing e-sports industry, but only time will tell.

Brazil’s Independent Games Festival 2017 attracts 20,000 visitors

Between June 24th and July 2nd, Brazil’s Independent Games Festival (BIG) saw over 20,000 visitors in Sao Paulo. Over the week, well over 3,000 industry figures participated in sessions, forums, and discussions to reflect on the state of the industry and the future of indie games. While attendance and location may seem surprising, it’s important to consider Brazil’s participation in the global market. Especially in mobile markets, Brazil is a force to be reckoned with in freemium games; in the first half of 2017, Brazil accounted for almost $300 million in revenue. If Brazil’s economic and political challenges don’t halt its growth in the industry, expect it to become a massive industry figure on an international scale.



Game Industry News Roundup – Nordic Games Rebrands, Vive Partners with Tate and Nickelodeon gets into eSports

When to listen to your players and when not to

Developers and studios are sometimes stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to making decisions on changing game dynamics. Especially on a successful game title. However, if players want some changes to be made, studios must weigh the benefits and costs. This is what Studio Wildcard faced with their title, Ark: Survival Evolved. Learn how they adapted and succeeded.
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