Chris G.

[Gaming] Turning Negative Feedback into Positive Tactics For Game Devs

As you already know, feedback is vital to the early development of your game. While Steam and other marketplaces have commenting systems, few players take the time to express mild disappointment or confusion; you only see those with strong opinions whether positive or negative.

So how do you get authentic (and potentially neutral) feedback? Playtesting, playtesting, playtesting! Continue reading

[Gaming] How to promote your indie game like the big boys

In the advertising world, it’s said that cash is king. Pay for the biggest billboard, and your game is sure to become a conversation piece. Drop a wad of cash on the top agencies, and they’ll deliver something unforgettable that people will talk about for months. Even mobile games are shelling out for Superbowl ads! Continue reading

[Gaming] Highlights from PAX East 2017


With attendance in the tens of thousands, PAX East was truly a sight to behold. Held from March 10th to the12th in the massive Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, the event was a 3-day gaming bonanza featuring video and tabletop games by everybody from AAA studios to one-man teams. No matter your gaming niche, there was something for everyone.

And like any industry event, PAX reflected changes in the gaming market and shed light on player priorities. Many of the themes this year offered interesting insights that reinforced existing trends and gave us a strong indicator of what the future looks like from the gamer standpoint. Continue reading