Bradley Chalupski

Customers pay more for products with better support experiences. Here’s how to offer them.

Every business knows that consumers are price sensitive. But in a world where prices are already so low that margins are practically nonexistent, it’s more common to see companies that compete on price go out of business than capture market share. In such a cut-throat environment, differentiation can seem tough. I assure you, however; it’s not impossible. Continue reading

How to Deploy Friends and Family as Your Kickstart Army

It’s a no-brainer: the community of friends and colleagues you’ve built over your life and career is your #1 asset when launching a Kickstarter campaign. But just because it’s logical, doesn’t make it easy.

Anyone who’s ever actually run a crowdfunding campaign knows: a network is only as valuable as your ability to leverage it when you need it most. And that’s much easier said than done. Continue reading

Community Managers, How Do You Make Your Happy Customers Talk?

Getting happy customers to leave feedback can sometimes feel only slightly less painful than a root canal. And yet it’s a powerful marketing strategy that should not be put off. Much digital ink has already been spilled exploring the myriad reasons why; but the how still continues to elude many talented and capable marketers. That’s a shame, because the answer is as simple as a single word: ask. Continue reading

6 Ways to Use Community Management as a Marketing Channel

You would be hard pressed to find a business today that isn’t aware of the importance of community management. But at the same time, it’s not always clear what community strategy should look like. One of the thorniest issues when it comes to creating a plan is how to use community management as a marketing tool.

Below, we look at some of the characteristics of community management, and discuss how they can be used in marketing. Continue reading

5 Ways to Turn Your Customers Into a Community

Creating positive customer experiences is already a challenge. Customers are increasingly demanding of businesses, requesting a dizzying array of options at every touchpoint, and this has led to an incredible amount of resources being poured into improving customer experiences. With so much being devoted to creating these experiences, it’s important for businesses to consider how they can get the most ROI from them. Increasingly, that means channeling positive experience into increased engagement and community. Continue reading