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Friends Made in Heaven: Self-Serve and Ticket-Based Customer Service Programs can Co-Exist Together

I have some news for you, but don’t take it personally. According to a recent Forrester survey, 72% of all customers would rather use self-serve customer support content than reach you via phone, email or social media.

Whoa there! Before you run off and start cutting heads, take a deep breath. Does this really mean you can replace all (or most) of your customer support with an excellent self-help content library? Continue reading

How to Make Passionate Advocates Into Your B2B Sales Team for Free

Customer advocates are especially powerful in B2B sales. After all, most purchasing decisions are pretty fraught — make the wrong call, and your internal reputation (not to mention your budget) will suffer the consequences. Knowing someone you trust likes a certain product can definitely sway your pick.

But how do you motivate your customers to spread the word in the first place? Here are several ideas for turning your most passionate customers into de facto members of your sales team. Continue reading

Weekly Recap: Introverts, Landing Pages, Customer Experience, and More

Here are a few of the hottest posts from last week mixed in with articles that every community manager and online customer service representative should check out.

10 Landing Page Mistakes That Are Killing Your Chances At Conversion – Inbound Rocket

With a title like that, it’s no surprise that this piece captured eyeballs across the social media marketing spectrum—from content marketers to community managers. For the latter, Inbound Rocket gives several important pieces of advice that won’t only apply to your landing page and lead magnet content, but to your membership onboarding process as well. This article will be worth the 13 minutes it takes to read it.

Five Things You Must Know About The Future Of Customer Experience Management – The Center for Client Retention

In this guest post from Peter Lavers, a CX & CRM Expert in the UK. Lavers has a firm handle on the history of CX as it rose up from sales, through direct marketing, and via customer relationship management. He uses that history to focus on 5 key predictions for the future of CX, along with a number of helpful links and resources. The article itself is a quick read, but you’ll find some helpful rabbit trails along the way—especially if CX is still relatively new to you.

Do Not Confuse User Experience With Customer Experience – Usability Geek

While we’re on the topic of customer experience, you should check out this article from Caroline White of Usability Geek. In it, she carefully distinguishes between Customer and User Experience—a distinction I fully admit to having blurred in the past. While it’s important to keep the two apart for a number of reasons, White also shows the way in which CX and UX will ultimately draw closer together in time. This article is a must read everyone responsible for shaping customers’ interactions with your brand (that includes you, Mr. or Ms. CMGR).

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