You Must Align Internal Departments to Optimize CX

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August 3, 2022

You Must Align Internal Departments to Optimize CX


Consistent brand messaging is essential when it comes to creating excellent customer experience (CX).

As customers move through the customer lifecycle, each touchpoint needs to be consistently valuable, if it’s not, your CX will suffer.

To achieve this, an organizations’ internal departments must be aligned on key brand messaging and core brand equities like selling points, distinctive visual differentiators, and overarching brand voice. 

We’ve created an infographic to help explain how best to align internal departments to optimize your CX. The best part? You can access it for free, with just one click!


What’s in the infographic?

1. How sales teams can build a more customer-centric customer experience.


2. How marketing teams can help to increase both awareness and advocacy.


3. How collaborative success teams can achieve higher retention rates.


4. How a support team can create a better brand reputation.


5. How product teams can create strategic roadmaps and improve customer satisfaction.


Check out the full infographic here!


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Nuala Cronin

Written by Nuala Cronin

Nuala is the Content Marketing Manager at Vanilla by Higher Logic. She has adored writing since a young age and graduated with a Master's Degree in Publishing and Literature from the National University of Ireland, Galway.

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