How to Master ‘Owned Media’ for Your Indie Game in 3 Simple Steps

The first step in mastering Owned Media is to define it. To do that, you must understand the differences between the three basic vehicles you can use to attract players to your game. These are: Earned Media, Paid Media, and Owned Media. While Paid Media attracts users by investing in promotions and advertising, Earned Media are the kudos you get from users who are impressed by the quality of your game and possibly want more. Continue reading

5 Keys to Crowdsource Your Innovation Process

I’m willing to bet that if I told you I had a way to predict the next big thing your customers want before your competition does, you’d sign a blank check for that ability. Because you know innovation is just that important. Whether it’s the next hottest video game, or a new snack item, companies stand to make – or lose – millions when trying to find their next innovative idea. Continue reading

Want to be a Better Community Manager? Read on.

Are you a community manager?

If you said yes, then you’re a leader. You may not think of yourself that way, but it’s true.

Okay, so maybe you’re not charging into battle or spearheading some big world-changing reform. But as a community manager, your job is to metaphorically stand in front of a crowd of people and shepherd their interest in a particular direction. You need to work hard to develop the skills that develop exceptional leaders. So how’s it done? Continue reading

5 Steps to Creating a Valuable Question & Answers Community

“How to unclog a kitchen sink”…

“How to clean a gutter”…

“How to do a Windsor knot”…

Each and every one of us has a problem in our lives we need a solution for, and what better place to turn to than Google? Search engines provide us with instant fixes in the privacy of our own homes. It’s no wonder then, that the most popular search queries begin with those two magical words: “how to”. Continue reading

[Gaming] Turning Negative Feedback into Positive Tactics For Game Devs

As you already know, feedback is vital to the early development of your game. While Steam and other marketplaces have commenting systems, few players take the time to express mild disappointment or confusion; you only see those with strong opinions whether positive or negative.

So how do you get authentic (and potentially neutral) feedback? Playtesting, playtesting, playtesting! Continue reading