4 Ways to Re-engage Your Community and Reduce Churn

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August 2, 2016

4 Ways to Re-engage Your Community and Reduce Churn

1. Email. Re-engaging with customers or users by using email is widely used tactic that can generate big wins depending on industry and execution. While company-branded marketing emails to all customers or users might come to mind first, a community manager can get crafty when it comes to clever communication. Working closely with your company’s marketing team to clear hurdles and obstacles involving cadence and tracking first, you might consider sending specific people in your community a different message. This can be especially applicable at small-scale startups where personalized emails to niche groups can trigger specific action.

How to do it? Consider choosing a narrow customer or user group and using a mail merge to send a highly relevant and compelling note with a strong call to action that’ll help you meet your re-engagement goals. Once you see success, you can figure out how to share learnings or possibly even scale your efforts within the product to do more with less.

2. Push notifications. Like email, push notifications can be a compelling way to keep your company or brand top of mind with customers or users. Typically managed by a product or marketing team, push notifications have gained popularity for their attention-catching powers. Depending on your community demographic, push may be more or less effective than email.

As a community manager and expert when it comes to how people feel about the product or service, you can work with the right team to share insights about what people like and how you expect them to react. You can also answer questions that your community members have about the messages they receive as a solid liaison.

3. Loyalty or reward program. A well-designed and carefully executed loyalty program can add massive value for a customer or user while keeping your product, service and brand top of mind. Since loyalty programs are meant to keep a specific kind of customer or user in the loop, create yours to serve the type of member who adds the most value.

4. Contests. In addition to their ability to help generate buzz and build brand awareness, contests can be a powerful way to re-engage people who have interacted with your company before. Using your company’s north star goal and your team or personal community KPIs in mind, design a contest that’ll help you trend toward metrics that matter most. For example, if your goal is to increase the return rate over a specific period of time, you might design a contest with a component that involves using the app or doing something specific.

Not sure where to run a contest for maximum engagement? Pay attention to the places where your community members spend time and thrive. Depending on your industry, community and goals, you might consider running a contest in real-life, across social media channels or in a forum where your customers actively engage.

Which tactics do you use to stay connected with your community? Tell us in the comments!

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Krista Gray

Written by Krista Gray

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