4 Ways a Fintech Company Can Create a Stellar Brand Experience

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July 12, 2016

4 Ways a Fintech Company Can Create a Stellar Brand Experience

Though the necessity of a stellar brand experience is obvious, how to design one isn’t always as clear — especially in industries that have been historically more traditional, like financial technology. Since a brand experience is composed of many moving pieces that work in totally harmony, figuring out exactly what resonates with your customer is essential for creating a great brand experience that will keep your product or service top of mind.

1. Build your social presence. Social media is a key part of marketing strategy and an important touchpoint for customers and users. A thoughtfully curated social stream with consistent tone and rich content can help a fintech company with the overall experience. Additionally, thoughtful social engagements can help shape the feelings a customer or user feels about a company. This can be especially important for banks, as consumers have come to expect services that fit in with modern, digitally-enhanced life.

A solid example, Chase has created a thoughtful social experience that speaks to their customer community, sharing fun content that resonates on Facebook and Instagram and broadcasting lively updates on Twitter. With its aspirational nature and happy tone, this is a huge contrast to more traditional or “stuffy” feeling banks.

2. Be consistent with messaging and voice. A good brand experience is consistent everywhere, from site or product copy to social channels, help resources and customer service responses.

Ensure that the language and tone your company uses in public places always communicates the value in the proper tone as to help customers or users recognize their interaction with your product or service. Mixed messages or ‘personality’ changes in terms of tone and messaging can be confusing and dilute the overall experience, which is counter intuitive to providing frequent, positive touch points.

3. Design a fully cohesive experience. The totality of your company’s brand experience must stretch across every possible touchpoint to create effective customer loyalty. When working to build the brand, consider combining elements and tactics that will be inspiring and motivating for your customers and users. Understanding exactly what catches and keeps your community’s attention will set you apart from other businesses.

Venmo is a great example of what a cohesive brand experience can be like, as everything looks and feels the same. Note that social channels, the product, help resources and on-site messaging are all clean-looking, lightweight, concise and fun — right down to emoji use in product screenshots. Pay attention to details and incorporate them where you can as they can make a big difference.

4. Support the customer. A great brand experience is one with superb customer support, which comes from both proactive and reactive efforts. Using data to anticipate community needs to create helpful, on-brand resources and make product enhancements can go a long way in what a brand experience feels like. On the more reactive side, super timely support responses that are consistent with other parts of the overall experience will help reinforce emotion and feelings for the community.

What else makes a brand experience stand out? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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