🚀Just Launched🚀: Vanilla & Productboard Integration

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March 9, 2022

🚀Just Launched🚀: Vanilla & Productboard Integration

Product Feedback & Community 

One of the biggest challenges that a Product Manager faces is ensuring they are building the right products/features, at the right time, for the right markets & personas. Part of ensuring we’re on the right track means that we’re collecting feedback and ideas from a broad audience. I think most Product Managers can relate that they have a handful of “loud” customers, who are great to have – but they aren’t necessarily representative of your market and where you want to go.   

Community is transformational in helping Product teams to cast a wider net to solicit feedback, and tap into that broader audience, creating a central location for all customers (and maybe prospects too), big and small, across markets and verticals, to share ideas and feedback. 

Vanilla & Productboard Integration 

Product Managers need an easy, automatic to send all the feedback that is gathered in the community to Productboard, which acts as the backend feedback database.  

Whenever a new idea is posted, a comment is added or an idea is upvoted in Vanilla, a new ‘Note’ is created in Productboard. The notes in Productboard appear within the Inbox, which the PM can then review and assign to a feature. 

Vanilla will send key details about that idea, comment or vote to Productboard including:   

  • Title/body content – so you know all the details about the feedback   

  • Username – so you know exactly who it’s coming from   

  • A link to the user profile – so you can understand more about that user  

  • A link to the post – so you can go back and view the idea in context, in the community 

  • Category – in case you have multiple products / ideation categories, it’s easier to understand how to triage the idea 

Gathering ideas is one side of the coin – the other side is keeping your customers in the loop about what’s coming once you’ve taken all those great ideas and committed them to a roadmap. Productboard roadmaps can now be embedded right into your Idea category, which provides transparency into your roadmap and closes the loop with your customers, without having to manage the content in multiple places. 

Productboard Screenshot

Learn More and Get Started 

Scott Baldwin from Productboard joined us for a webinar – How Product Teams can Leverage Community if you want to learn more about community best practices for product teams.  

Get started with the integration now by viewing the Release Notes and the set-up Documentation. Do you have questions or feedback? We want to hear from you! Find us at the Vanilla Success Community 

We truly believe in the power that community has for Product teams; so, we’ve only scratched the surface with this integration. Stay tuned as we continue to enhance our integration with Productboard. 


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Victoria Burt

Written by Victoria Burt

Victoria is the Product Marketing Manager at Vanilla Forums. Having held roles in Product Marketing and Product Management at tech companies over the last 10 years, Victoria lives and breathes bringing SaaS products & features to market

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