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4 Things to Consider Before Enabling a Plugin in Your Community Forum

Iā€™m notoriously cautious about adding new features to my forum. As awesome as shiny new buttons are, and as exciting as added functionality may seem, new features present one of the strongest change factors for any community. The biggest change that my community ever went through was moving to Vanilla from our old, broken software platform. It was held together with twigs and twine. Our server was operated with a hand crank. If you kicked it, animal noises came out. I was still cautious.
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New Features on VanillaForums.com

Features, features, and more features

It’s been a crazy few weeks, but all the hard work has paid off! The Vanilla crew has been clocking the hours and crunching the code to develop some really cool new features to enhance your community. We are very excited about the results and we know you will be too!

We are glad to announce that every single Vanilla Forum now comes with Social Connect, CLEditor, and Emotify ;).

What’s new

Vanilla Social Connect

Vanilla Social Connect enables your users to sign into your community with Facebook, Twitter, Google, and OpenID. Vanilla Social Connect is now standard on all Vanilla Forums.


CLEditor is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that allows you to quickly and easily customize the content pf each discussion you start with options like: Bold. Italicize, Justify, Font Color, Highlight, Insert Image, and more.

Emotify šŸ˜‰

You guessed it, we’ve added your favorite little faces to Vanilla Forums!

How to use Banner

One of many new features added to VanillaForums.com is Banner a.k.a Custom Logo.The Banner allows you to upload a custom logo to your forum.

What we will cover

Lets begin!

Default Banner Settings

What file types are accepted: .jpg, .gif, .png
Maximum file size: 10mb


Inside the dashboard

The Banner screen

To access the Banner screen go to Appearance/Banner. Once inside the Banner screen you will have the ability to create a custom plain text Banner Title or upload a custom Banner Logo.


Uploading a Banner Logo

To upload a Banner Logo click on the browse button. Browse to the file you wish to upload as your Banner Logo.

*NOTE: Uploading a Banner Logo will replace the Banner Title. You can remove/change the Banner Logo at any time.

Here is the result:

That’s all. Now go personalize your community!


New Features, Design, and Plans at Vanilla Forums

New Features, Design, and Plans at Vanilla Forums

Over the last year since we launched the hosting service at VanillaForums.com, we’ve received amazing feedback from the community and our customers about the software, it’s features, and our offerings. All of that great feedback has gone into what you now see on the homepage at VanillaForums.com.

We’ve completely revamped this site in an effort to make our plans and offerings more accessible and easier to understand. We’ve added a long features page that outlines a bunch of the features available to forums hosted here at VanillaForums.com, including new features like File Uploading and Vanilla Connect.

New Plans & Pricing
One of the most popular requests from users & customers was that we bundle our feature offerings together and offer them as packages – check out the new plans, and the detailed plan comparison now.

Finally, we’ve added this blog, where you will be able to get all the latest news, help, and tutorials on how to use the services here at VanillaForums.com. We’ve got a long list of upcoming blog posts that will help you with everything from getting-started entries to advanced topics & help.