Friday Theme Tip: Filter for BestOf

Best Of Filter

The BestOf view in your Vanilla Community is populated by best content as curated by your community. As you and your members react to content, your BestOf page will grow. While the main BestOf page shows everything in your community, did you know each reaction in your community has its own BestOf page? In the following theme tip, we will show you how to display a filter list of all the reactions on your BestOf page.
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The Second Pillar of Community Strategy: Support

In the previous article, we discussed how generating sales can be a crucial part of community strategy. In this article, it’s time to discuss another crucial factor: support.

Like many other fields, the internet is changing support. The traditional channels, such as customer support phone lines, are outdated and insufficient for most businesses. Customers now expect omni-channel support, where they choose the how, where and when of their support. Customers expectations are higher than they’ve ever been, and it’s easier than ever for customers to see if you’re doing it wrong. Bad support doesn’t just affect existing customers, it leads to a bad reputation among those shopping around. No product is flawless, and customers want to know that if something goes wrong, you’re there to help. A given customer might decide that they want support from:

  • A phone line
  • A support email account
  • A Twitter account
  • A branded Facebook page
  • Online chat
  • A community forum

For customers, the problem is receiving effective support. If they have a problem with a product, any delay in fixing it feels unacceptable to them. Time to response and time to resolution are both critical, but they’re only part of the puzzle. A crucial one, certainly, but to a modern customer being good at customer service means more than that. It means transparency. It means being able to communicate effectively with the person providing that support, and to be treated like a human being. For many, it even means bypassing the people side of the equation and simply finding the answer they want, fast.

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The First Pillar Of Community Strategy: Sales

In the first part of this series, we discussed the basics of community strategy. It’s time to delve a little deeper into one of these pillars: sales. It’s common for those lacking experience with community marketing to misunderstand why they’re really doing it. They think that community strategy is an extra to be tacked  onto a balance sheet, and that the most they can expect is a quick tweet about the release of a new product. Looking at the strategies (or lack thereof) being used, it’s easy to see why. For a savvy manager of a consumer brand, one of the linchpins of community strategy is sales.
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Going Ad-Free with Pockets

In our latest cloud release, we added the ability for you to decide which, if any, of your community members get to go ad-free. The following is more info on how that works.

Enable Pockets

The first step in using this feature is to enable Pockets. Pockets are a great way to add javascript code from the ad network of your choice (for example Google Adsense, Google DoubleClick or others). You will find Pockets in your Dashboard under Appearance.

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Customer Communities for Advocate Marketing

brand-advocate-marketing-customer-communityAdvocate marketing is the practice of encouraging customers to promote your brand among prospects. Advocates can write positive reviews or answer product questions on forums and recommend you to connections on social media. Prospects appreciate first hand accounts and social recommendations.

Recently, companies have been testing advocate marketing software that helps companies manage its advocates. Instead of being opportunistic or spontaneous, the software directs advocates to perform specific tasks. For doing so they can be rewarded with recognition or with more material rewards. Continue reading