Three Tips For Creating A Community Newsletter

making a newsletter for your community

The newness of social media makes us sometimes forget that email is a strong channel to communicate with your customers, fans and enthusiasts. Email is also a great way to keep a community in the minds of your members – think of how much email you get from Twitter, Facebook and especially LinkedIn. Here are some tips to get you started.
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From Customer Service to Customer Community

For many companies, the drive to implement social business practices (interacting via social media, moving support to a customer forum, etc.) is driven by the desire to improve customer service while reducing customer support costs. Many customers prefer finding a solution to their problem online without having to make a phone call or waiting for an email response. A social approach to customer service becomes win-win when customers start to form a community and start helping each other out.

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Supporting Multi-Languages In Your Community Forums

multi-language forum

A community is a gathering of like minded people, but sometimes they do not all speak the same language. With our Multi-Language plugin (available on the Advanced plans and up) the admin interface and the context menus can be changed to a members’ preferred language. While we do not translate the posts, we can make the interface work in a native tongue.

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Vital Community Management Jargon for 2014

If there’s one thing that the world of Community Management is lacking, it’s enough confusing and unnecessary terms to refer to circumstances that are only occasionally relevant. I feel that as a blogger, it’s my duty to rectify this situation. In my defence, these are all terms that are actually used on the forums that I run. Without further ado:

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