Don’t Launch Your Forum Without These 3 Things

Forum launch

First, you’ll need an enormous rocket…

Launching a new forum community can be daunting. This is true even for those of us who have done it before, but increasingly communities are being launched by people with no prior experience of the medium. Forum communities are increasingly becoming a vital part of product marketing, and I find I’m more likely than ever to meet with people who know they need a forum but don’t know how to launch one successfully. Every community is different, but there are a few important things that need to be in place before a forum launches, and they’re often overlooked. Continue reading

How Vanilla Helped Stay Hot


Dan Holohan is the owner of, which has been a vibrant online community and a trusted resource for those seeking information about heating since 1997. Having a trusted partner for his community was very important, as it was at the core of his business. With cold temperatures and snow accumulating, this is the busy time of year for Dan and his team. We were glad to have a chance to sit down with him and learn about his experience using Vanilla Forums.


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Chat software or forums: Which is better for your business?

Chat forums vs Forum Software

The reemergence of chat software as an employee collaboration tool confirms the notion that there is nothing new under the sun. This type of software has been ubiquitous since the dawn of the internet, and nothing lasts that long without being of some use. Chat programs can be a great way for internal teams to communicate, but they have some real shortcomings that prevent them being effective as a catch-all solution. Ideally, chat software should be used alongside longer form communication, which is where forums excel.

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The Trouble with IP Bans

The danger of a poorly applied IP ban

The danger of a poorly applied IP ban

There is no tool in the moderation toolbox as misunderstood as the fabled IP ban. For the uninitiated (and I doubt there are many), an IP ban prevents connection to your site/community from an IP. It can also be expanded using wildcards to ban a range of IPs. The use of this in moderation seems obvious: it provides you with a “nuclear option”; a more effective way of keeping trolls and other miscreants out of your site than simply banning their account. But how effective are IP bans really?

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