Forum as Focus Group: 8 Key Features for Feedback

In an earlier post, we gave 5 reasons a community forum is the ultimate focus group. In this post, we highlight some of features in Vanilla that can come in handy if you are looking to use Vanilla to gather customer feedback:

1) Reactions:


Reactions allow community members to share how they feel about posted content. Reactions can be positive or negative. When you see a post with a lot of Reactions, you know that it’s a topic that your customers really care about. Also, members whose comments get the most positive reactions earn reputation points and rise in rank on the leaderboard.

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Vanilla Forums Friday Theme CSS Tip: Modifying Questions and Answers

One of my favourite plugins is Q & A. It allows you to create a Question and Answer Community in one easy step. I created the below video to showcase how it works, and the features it can add to your Vanilla Community.

Something that stands out in the video is the CSS I used to make Best Answers (and rejected answers) pop out.

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Vanilla Forums Friday Theme Tip: Adding A Leaderboard

Do you want to add a bit of a competitive spirit to your community? If you haven’t already noticed, you can find a points leaderboard on the activity page. Points are accumulated by getting positive reactions from others and earning badges from various activities. But what if you wanted to have a leaderboard across your site?
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