Make Your Forum Spam Catching More Effective


Vanilla Forums has a couple of solutions for combatting spam including: Akismet, Recaptcha, and StopForumSpam (recently covered in this anti-spam video.) Both Recaptcha and Akismet work out of the box when enabled. No further action is required from you. StopForumSpam also works out of the box, but there are also some settings you can modify to make it even more effective.
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Product Community vs. the Social Community: Which Is Better?


Art by Laura Wilson –

The product focused community:  the hard sell approach

A product focused community will typically have a lower tolerance for off-topic discussion than a “social” community. These communities will normally be focused on support, product questions and discussions with existing owners. The main selling factor of these forums is aspirational, a prospective customer can read about your product, interact with existing owners and begin to develop a Gollum/One Ring style relationship with it. For a great example of this, you need look no further than the official Tesla forums. All content is product focused, and as a heavily aspirational brand it benefits hugely from this. With premium priced products such as this (or say, Apple products), customers will also be keen to talk to each other about how great your product is and reinforce the wisdom of their own decision to pay more. In communities like this, a wider focus and chatty atmosphere would detract from the value of the forum. They benefit from a tight focus and controlled environment.
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Friday Theme Tip: Customizing Categories

We know you spend time making sure you create the proper categories for your community, but did you know you can customize things further? In the following article, we will show you two ways to make your categories have some personality.

Adding Category Images

To make your categories stand out, you can add an image to add a visual cue to the category name. You can do this at the time you create the category, or come back later to add one. Continue reading