The Impending Decline of Ticketing Systems

The Impending Decline of Ticketing Systems

Let’s say someone asked you to set up a customer support department for a new business, how would you go about it? You might set-up a support email, get a 1-800 number and buy some ticketing software where agents can enter, track and escalate customer issues. Now, let’s say that someone asked customers to set-up the support department, is this what they would do? Probably not.

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How to Differentiate Members Using Roles and Ranks

Within a Vanilla Forum powered community, there are a two ways to differentiate members: Roles and Ranks.



Roles are typically used to group people based on their permissions and the role they play in the community. Common Roles include: members, moderators, staff members and administrators. You can create different Roles to fit your needs and modify the permissions given to each Role.



Another way to differentiate users is with Ranks. Ranks are usually used to denote seniority or status to the rest of the community. Rank levels can be assigned or can be earned by acquiring reputation points.

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Community Manager Basics: 5 Tips To Keep Users Engaged


Community engagement is more than just increasing pageviews or the number of registered users. You need to look at member actions. Does your most active user list fluctuate or is it only one or two members who dominate? Do users return after their first visit and engage with the community? Do you have lots of lurkers but few posters? These are the kind of things you will want to tackle to keep users engaged. Below are some tips to help make that happen.
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