How Your Post-Sales Service Impacts Sales


The rise of social media has completely changed the face of post-sales customer interaction. The ease with which customers can vent their frustrations through venues like Amazon reviews, Twitter and Yelp mean that companies have no choice but to offer high-quality post-sales care if they want to remain profitable outside of the short term. A savvy customer can easily google dozens of opinions about your product and support before deciding to purchase. They don’t just want to know whether your product is good, they want to know if they’re covered when something goes wrong. They want to read real customer experiences.
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A Look Ahead to 2015

Vanilla Forums

Image by Laura Wilson

2014 was a year of growth, growing pains and accomplishments here at Vanilla. We welcomed great new customers such as EA, Harvard University and MyFitnessPal and we continued to grow our distributed team. We now have employees in Montreal, Ottawa, Detroit, Austin and Sacramento. We continued to invest heavily in product development with a major release of Vanilla open source and several new features on our cloud product. Continue reading

How Can You Scale Your Customer Support?

I was on Quora recently and saw this question: “How do you scale customer support? Aside from hiring more employees, how do you scale your customer support to handle increasing numbers of customers?”

There were lots of great answers. The best one answer, as chosen by Quora users, is from Greg Devore. He rephrased the issue, not so much about handling more customers, but on handling more questions. In other words, the real question is: “What are the questions my customers have and how can I scale my ability to address them?” As Greg pointed out there are really two types of questions your customer service team will face: Continue reading