New Theme: Minalla

I’m very happy to finally release this MEGA theme that includes 5 colour options. When I was designing Minalla Yellow, which has been available on since the re-launch about 2 weeks, I had intended it to be available in Red, Green, Blue, and Grey, but our theme options feature was not ready. Thanks to Todd’s hard work I can now release this theme and many more MEGA themes to come.

The new Minalla

Theme Options

The new Theme Options featureĀ  allows you to customize additional options like color styles. For example, when you apply the new Minalla theme you will notice a link to the Theme Options page. You can also find the the Minalla Options link on the left Menu Panel under Appearance.

Once on the Theme Options page apply the style of your choice and click save. That’s it, simple and easy!

For more information on Theme Options see the tutorial.