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How Brand Advocates Amplify Your Marketing

Brand advocates

A diligent brand advocate preparing to have his message heard…

Here’s a scenario we’ve all seen a dozen times:  a company Twitter page that consists of a series of totally unrelated tweets. No customer engagement, nothing to retweet or favourite, just boring, insipid questions or comments. “What’s your favourite way to eat Bongo’s Jelly Beans” “Why not start your day with some Bongo Jelly Beans?!?!?!”. Etc, etc. I don’t blame the employee for this. They’re undoubtedly swamped with other work to do and barely have the time to log in to Twitter, let alone to dedicate to crafting the perfect tweet every time. “Something about… eating Bongo Jelly Beans on a train. Bingo!”, followed by immediately crossing off Daily Social Media Marketing off their daily checklist.

The problem is, of course, that it doesn’t work. Building a brand takes a long time, and a lot of repetition. Marketers never feel like they have enough time or money to create the awareness that they need to succeed. That awareness certainly isn’t going to manifest as the result of a perfunctory daily tweet. So what’s to be done? The answer is to spend less time making Twitter and Facebook posts that no one reads, and more time building a relationship with your customers.

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Friday Theme Tip: Basics of Customizing Vanilla

Vanilla offers you the ability to customize your theme to a greater extent than any other hosted community platform. You can make HTML and CSS changes straight from the backend of the software, with no FTP needed. You can also roll back any of the changes you make at any time.

Vanilla Forums does offer theming services, and you can speak to your account executive about this route if you wish. If you prefer to go it alone, here are some tips to make sure you get the most from customizing your Vanilla Forums. We recommend you only customize your theme if you have some HTML or CSS knowledge. While our support team is very helpful, troubleshooting your customizations is beyond our standard support offering. Continue reading

The Trouble with IP Bans

The danger of a poorly applied IP ban

The danger of a poorly applied IP ban

There is no tool in the moderation toolbox as misunderstood as the fabled IP ban. For the uninitiated (and I doubt there are many), an IP ban prevents connection to your site/community from an IP. It can also be expanded using wildcards to ban a range of IPs. The use of this in moderation seems obvious: it provides you with a “nuclear option”; a more effective way of keeping trolls and other miscreants out of your site than simply banning their account. But how effective are IP bans really?

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