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Ultimate Vanilla Forums Theme Guide

Ever wanted to customize your Vanilla Forum theme more? Are you curious how to use conditional elements? Move your search box? Change the location of your side panel? Customize the look and feel for Q & A  or Ranks? We have constructed a guide that brings together all the tricks, tips and hints into one document. We hope this guide will let you tap into your creativity so you can take your theme to the next level. Continue reading

Three Tips For Creating A Community Newsletter

making a newsletter for your community

The newness of social media makes us sometimes forget that email is a strong channel to communicate with your customers, fans and enthusiasts. Email is also a great way to keep a community in the minds of your members – think of how much email you get from Twitter, Facebook and especially LinkedIn. Here are some tips to get you started.
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WordPress and Vanilla Forums Single Sign-on

If you use WordPress to publish your blog or as your website CMS, you can create a single sign-on connection with Vanilla Forums. People registered on your WordPress website or blog will be able to register as members and login to the forum without having to go through a separate registration process. The free WordPress plugin, makes it easy to integrate your WordPress website and your Vanilla Community. The following is a guide on how to get started.

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