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Friday Theme Tips: All In One List


To help you build your theme, the last few weeks, we have shared some handy tips in customizing your Vanilla Forums theme. As the year comes to an end, we figured it would make sense to create a list with them all in one list for easy access. Here are all of the tips we shared this year:

We also have a theme guide to help you further along. Good luck on your custom theme! We can’t wait to see what you build!

Friday Theme Tip: Customizing Multilingual

If you have the Multilingual plugin enabled, by default the links to the locales enabled will appear in your footer, just below the Vanilla Forums logo (as you can see below).


Please note: This helps users see the community menu items in their local language, the content itself is not translated.

Changing Default Look

As you can see, the default CSS for the language switcher is meant to fit easily into any theme. Nevertheless, you may want to make things a bit more apparent to users that a language option exists. Below is some CSS to do just that:

/*color and location of the option box*/
div.LocaleOptions {
background: none repeat scroll 0% 0% #FFFFCC !important;
border: solid 1px !important;
color: #000000 !important;
float: right;
padding: 10px !important;
width: 25% !important;

/* link color */
div.LocaleOptions a {
color: #3F3F3F !important;
padding: 4px !important;

/* link color hover*/
div.LocaleOptions a:hover {
color: #7e7e7e !important;

The above CSS will result in the language box appearing as follows:


Change the colors, as you need. You can use this handy website to choose different color options for your theme.

Please note: The language option will only show once users sign in, so the preference can be set for them.

We hope this post has given you some ideas to make multilingual stick out. Check back next Friday for another tip. In the meantime, check out the earlier tips or get a copy of our theme guide.

Friday Theme Tip: Customize Discussion Appearance

3-types of vanilla discussions

As noted in the above graphic, there are some different types of discussions you will encounter in Vanilla Forums:

  • New: These are discussions you have seen, but new comments have been added since you last looked. By default, it will also have a little yellow indicator with a count of how many comments were added.
  • Brand New: These are discussions which you have not read.
  • None New: You have read these discussions, and no one has commented on them since your last visit.
  • None New & Participated: Not in the image above, these are message you have commented on in the past, but has no new responses since your last visit.

Each of these types can be modified with CSS: Continue reading

Make Your Forum Spam Catching More Effective


Vanilla Forums has a couple of solutions for combatting spam including: Akismet, Recaptcha, and StopForumSpam (recently covered in this anti-spam video.) Both Recaptcha and Akismet work out of the box when enabled. No further action is required from you. StopForumSpam also works out of the box, but there are also some settings you can modify to make it even more effective.
Continue reading