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Crafting a Better Forum Search

Forum Search IconRecently, Vanilla launched a new advanced search for enterprise customers. This new feature is the result of over a year of feedback and research into what makes a great community search. We spent a long time thinking about search and really believe that our new advanced search strikes the right balance between power and simplicity. It’s been a fun process developing this so I wanted to share some of the inside scoop on this new feature.
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Forums Are Key to a Good Customer Experience

Earlier this year analyst firm IDC reported that the #1 social business initiative is creating online communities. Many companies, having seen the power of social media and customer-to-customer interactions, are now looking to create a cohesive ‘on domain’ community for their customers and partners rather than trying to manage interactions across multiple social networks.

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6 Common Mistakes Managing Your Community ­- Part 2

Editor: In this two-part post, Patrick Groome, the administrator for the Penny Arcade forums, shares some of his community management best practices. Part 1 of this post can be found here.

4. Creating too many categories

Over specialising categories is a common problem that manifests itself differently in communities old and new. It most commonly manifests as a gigantic front page, filled with every possible permutation of the community’s general topic. A community about games might have separate categories for first­person shooters, third­person shooters, side scrollers etc, where they would better be served with either a category marked “Shooters” or simply an overarching category marked “Games”. Continue reading