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Crafting a Better Forum Search

Forum Search IconRecently, Vanilla launched a new advanced search for enterprise customers. This new feature is the result of over a year of feedback and research into what makes a great community search. We spent a long time thinking about search and really believe that our new advanced search strikes the right balance between power and simplicity. It’s been a fun process developing this so I wanted to share some of the inside scoop on this new feature.
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Forums Are Key to a Good Customer Experience

Earlier this year analyst firm IDC reported that the #1 social business initiative is creating online communities. Many companies, having seen the power of social media and customer-to-customer interactions, are now looking to create a cohesive ‘on domain’ community for their customers and partners rather than trying to manage interactions across multiple social networks.

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9 Ways to Eliminate Spam in Your Community Forum

Spam is the scourge of the internet and can do significant damage to your community if it is left unchecked. There are two kinds of spammers to worry about: spambots and human spammers. Bots are unintelligent software programs that automate the posting of spam and can usually be easily defeated since they are rigid in their behaviour. Human spammers present a greater challenge since they can bypass the traps that catch bots and can quickly change their behaviour.

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