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Free Akismet for all our clients

Today, we released an updated version of our Akismet addon to all our clients. It now includes a free Vanilla Forums volume license, so you no longer need to provide your own key. Your own key will continue to work if you entered one previously. If you delete it (Dashboard / Browse Addons / Akismet settings), our key will take over.

Akismet Logo Akismet is a dedicated spam-fighting server that will automatically filter all your forum content and user registration requests. We’ve found it to be an effective tool for combating many types of spam. If you’re not currently using it, go ahead and turn it on in your Dashboard under “Browse Addons.” Continue reading

Getting started with Vanilla’s Groups

As your community grows, it’s natural for it to diversify. The traditional forum structure of discussion categories can start to break down when hundreds of users need special permission changes to access private areas on an ongoing basis. That structure also doesn’t handle community events well. A popular workaround is to “Announce” an event’s discussion until it’s over, but that’s really just a hack. In creating Groups, we set out to solve the membership and event problems.

Groups is a new addon immediately available to Advanced, Enterprise, and VIP clients on Using Groups, you can create private or public groups with their own discussions; allow anyone to join or control membership; and schedule events for your group.

A new group for Lincoln's favorite video game.

A new group for Lincoln’s favorite video game.

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Crafting a Better Forum Search

Forum Search IconRecently, Vanilla launched a new advanced search for enterprise customers. This new feature is the result of over a year of feedback and research into what makes a great community search. We spent a long time thinking about search and really believe that our new advanced search strikes the right balance between power and simplicity. It’s been a fun process developing this so I wanted to share some of the inside scoop on this new feature.
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