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Introducing Topic and Sentiment Analytics

Introducing Topic and Sentiment Analytics

A community forum can provide a tremendous amount of insight and feedback across many areas of your business. Extracting insights from unstructured text data in thousands of comments can be a challenging task for community managers. This new analytic capability uses natural language processing technology to identify popular forum discussion topics, the sentiment associated with those topics, as well as user sentiment.


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Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Community Forum


A recent report came out saying that more than 1 in 5  page views are coming from mobile devices in North America and Europe.  Depending on the vertical, it can be even higher. For example, in some enthusiast and B2C customer forums, the amount of mobile traffic has exceeded 50%. Regardless of your niche, as mobile traffic continues to grow, its consequences cannot be ignored. More than ever, you need to consider how your forum platform will integrate with your existing website, and the user experience your community members will have on their mobile devices. This is especially the case if you want to keep your mobile users engaged.
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Reset The Net


Today is June 5th, the day we reset the net . The idea behind reset the net is that if we properly secure our websites (and devices) with strong encryption, we can make mass surveillance much more difficult for governments.

We just wanted to remind our customers (and potential customers) that at Vanilla Forums we bundle SSL for all * subdomains on all plans at no charge. We can automatically redirect all your http traffic to https, just send a request to our customer support team.  Also, if you have a custom domain and would like to enable SSL, contact your account rep or customer support to get started. Finally, SSL is available for free on the Corporate, Enterprise and VIP plans. Check this post to learn more about Vanilla Forums and our SSL capabilities.