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5 Tips for Launching a Forum Community From Scratch

Where do you start when building a community from scratch? In past posts, we have shared tips for success in planning a community and ways to promote your community, but today we will share some practical steps when launching a brand new community. We’re assuming that you have already defined the purpose of your new forum and have the software up and running.

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Community Manager Basics: 5 Tips To Keep Users Engaged


Community engagement is more than just increasing pageviews or the number of registered users. You need to look at member actions. Does your most active user list fluctuate or is it only one or two members who dominate? Do users return after their first visit and engage with the community? Do you have lots of lurkers but few posters? These are the kind of things you will want to tackle to keep users engaged. Below are some tips to help make that happen.
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Community Management Basics: Tips for Choosing and Managing Moderators

moderator chosen by community manager

One day your forum may grow to the point that you may want to consider adding moderators to help manage your community. A moderator (or Mod) is a member of the community that can be given privileges beyond normal users and can be a Godsend if you are swamped with community management tasks. Some of the powers a moderator can be given include: pinning topics, locking discussions, deleting or moving posts, issuing warnings or even banning members. In short, a moderator becomes your representative in the forum, enforcing your community rules and being your eyes and ears in the forum. For this reason, you really need to make sure you choose the right moderator and manage them correctly.  But how can you select the right person in your community? Below we have come up with some tips for choosing (and afterwards managing) moderators. We hope that they come in handy. Continue reading

Community Management Basics: 3 Tips for Dealing with Trolls

tips to deal with community forum trolls

Your community is humming along, and all of a sudden, an individual joins who takes personal pleasure in disrupting your community. It may be inflammatory remarks, attacking others for no reason, or simply taking an extreme contrarian view on every topic to drive everyone nuts. Unfortunately, it also means your community may have a troll problem. Civility and logic pretty much go out the window with trolls. They are not in your community to build relationships, to add to the discussion, or be friends. They have come solely to cause mayhem. So what can a community manager do? Below are three tips we have seen to be effective when dealing with trolls.

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