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Forum as Focus Group: 8 Key Features for Feedback

In an earlier post, we gave 5 reasons a community forum is the ultimate focus group. In this post, we highlight some of features in Vanilla that can come in handy if you are looking to use Vanilla to gather customer feedback:

1) Reactions:


Reactions allow community members to share how they feel about posted content. Reactions can be positive or negative. When you see a post with a lot of Reactions, you know that it’s a topic that your customers really care about. Also, members whose comments get the most positive reactions earn reputation points and rise in rank on the leaderboard.

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Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Community Forum


A recent report came out saying that more than 1 in 5  page views are coming from mobile devices in North America and Europe.  Depending on the vertical, it can be even higher. For example, in some enthusiast and B2C customer forums, the amount of mobile traffic has exceeded 50%. Regardless of your niche, as mobile traffic continues to grow, its consequences cannot be ignored. More than ever, you need to consider how your forum platform will integrate with your existing website, and the user experience your community members will have on their mobile devices. This is especially the case if you want to keep your mobile users engaged.
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5 Tips for Launching a Forum Community From Scratch

Where do you start when building a community from scratch? In past posts, we have shared tips for success in planning a community and ways to promote your community, but today we will share some practical steps when launching a brand new community. We’re assuming that you have already defined the purpose of your new forum and have the software up and running.

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Community Manager Basics: 5 Tips To Keep Users Engaged


Community engagement is more than just increasing pageviews or the number of registered users. You need to look at member actions. Does your most active user list fluctuate or is it only one or two members who dominate? Do users return after their first visit and engage with the community? Do you have lots of lurkers but few posters? These are the kind of things you will want to tackle to keep users engaged. Below are some tips to help make that happen.
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