Amazing Customer Support

Last month we visited Rackspace Hosting at their HQ in San Antonio. While we were there, I had the opportunity to demo a few of the things I’d built on top of their APIs. The guys in the room saw my Iron Man Macbook Decal and made a few approving comments. My avatar on twitter also depicts Iron Man; it’s actually a piece of custom artwork made for me by a moderator on the Penny Arcade Forums (one of our customers). At this point I hope it is obvious to the reader that I’m quite a fan of Iron Man.

So the Social Team at Rackspace must have noticed this, because today a package arrived at work, addressed to me. I wasn’t expecting a delivery, nor had I ordered anything from ThinkGeek. I opened the box and found a t-shirt, along with this message:

Hey Tim! We saw this and thought you might dig it! Enjoy! – Rackspace Social Media Team

They were right. Thanks guys, this was an awesome surprise and another example of how you stand a head taller than your competitors.