Zendesk Integration with Vanilla Forums


Occasionally, a question or comment in a customer support forum cannot be resolved right away by a community manager. For example, it may be a support issue that needs to be escalated to another employee using a ticketing system such as Zendesk. With Vanilla’s Zendesk integration, community staff members with the right permissions can now create a ticket in Zendesk directly from Vanilla Forums.
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Github Integration with Vanilla Forums

Vanilla Forums Integration with Github

What is Github?

GitHub has become one of the most popular code repository services in the world. Developers use it to store source code and it allows developers to contribute code to a common source code.

Integration between Vanilla Forums and Github

Vanilla Forums allows you to create an Issue, in a specific GitHub repository, directly from a comment or discussion in your community.

How does it work?

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Members Behaving Badly: Warnings & Reporting

When members are behaving badly, a moderator needs tools. Two recently released add-ons to the Vanilla toolbox can help in the moderation of your community: Warnings & Notes, and Reporting.

Introducing Warnings & Notes

This is a new version of our Warnings add-on, now available in all plans, which makes the moderation of an active community even easier. This is especially true if you have a moderation team and want mods to be able to share information. Like in the previous Warnings plugin,  it works like demerit points on a driver’s license. If a member accumulates too many warning points, within a certain time period, they will be suspended or banned. Also, with the addition of notes, moderators can make comments on any member that are only viewable by the moderation team. Here’s some more information on both:
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3 Ways A Vanilla Forum Is Better Than A Flight From London To Vancouver


As part of the jetsetting life of a secret agent- I mean, forum guy; I’m occasionally required to take trips on aeroplanes. As good as Air Canada were, I couldn’t help but notice several bizarre gaps in their feature list that leave them lagging significantly behind Vanilla. I thought that as an expert, a lover and a DJ it was my duty to set them right.

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